In the world of chronic cigarettes, two schools compete with kits with integrated batteries and mods with batteries!

Practical and easily rechargeable via a USB port, the integrated batteries are popular with a crowd of vapers who want to avoid accumulators. On the other hand, some fans of electronic cigarettes swear by the batteries whether they are in the 18350, 18650, 20700 or 21700 formats. The batteries require some precautions, but they have the advantage of being able to be inverted to vape without discontinuing. An important point, when a battery is at the end of its life it is possible to replace it … which is not possible with an integrated battery!

A key element of our electronic cigarettes, the battery requires recharging correctly to maintain its autonomy and limit any risk.


Equipped with a micro-USB or USB-C port, current boxes and mods allow the batteries to be recharged without having to remove them from the electronic cigarette. Relatively fast and making it possible to reload anywhere, this system seems to be the most appropriate, but it is not free from faults!

Locked in the box, the rechargeable battery which is being recharged releases heat. Not having the possibility of being evacuated optimally, the latter accumulates and can cause overheating of the battery. If today’s electronic mods are equipped with many protections and limit the risks, it is necessary to remain vigilant! The other limit of recharging by micro-USB or USB-C is the poor distribution of the load. If you have a box operating with two or more batteries, it is crucial to ensure that the electronic cigarette can ensure a balanced charge. Each battery must be charged evenly.

If charging the batteries directly within the box brings multiple advantages, it is clear that this method is not the most appropriate… The external charger comes into play!


Sometimes imposing, the battery charger has many advantages that allow it to retain a special place in the hearts of vapers.

Provided with all the essential safeguards to guarantee safe recharging, the external charger preserves the accumulator and therefore extends its life. 

Ensuring a perfect distribution during charging, the external charger delivers the same number of amps to the installed batteries. Thanks to an ideal distribution of amps, only three hours will be needed to recharge a 3000 mah battery! If the battery charger promises fast recharging, the latter is also a guarantee of safety. Thanks to a high-performance electronic chip, the charger can optimally recharge each battery. This balance during charging preserves the batteries!

Another factor that makes us prefer an external charger is its ability not to exceed 4.2 V. Unlike recharging by micro-USB or USB-C, the external charger promises to recharge the batteries at a maximum of 4.2 volts. This criterion makes the external charger the most suitable way to take care of your batteries!


Efficient and secure, the external charger stands out by offering various menus to demanding vapers.

Some users want to be able to control the charge down to the smallest detail: the battery charger allows them to do what they want. 

Some chargers make it possible to adjust the intensity. By increasing the milliamps, you will have the ability to speed up the charge. Keep in mind that this manipulation leads to overheating of the battery and therefore premature wear.

Meticulous vapers can also turn to external chargers equipped with a screen. Via the latter, it is possible to keep an eye on the charging of the batteries and to know precisely its progress.

As you will have understood, the external charger is the preferred charging mode. As safe as it is fast, the charger combines the advantages and remains a safe bet for all fans of electronic cigarettes.