You have just acquired an electronic cigarette, or you have been using one for some time and you notice a few drops of liquid escaping from the device… Your e-cigarette is leaking. E-liquid leaks are one of the small hazards of vaping, which is why the kitchen towel is the vaper’s best friend! 

On the fingers, at the bottom of the bag, in the pocket, we have all happened to face this little annoyance. So you’ve probably already asked yourself this question: which electronic cigarette does not leak? Through this guide, we will try to help you unravel the mystery! 

First of all, it is necessary to ask yourself why is there a leak on your e-cigarette? Because very often and contrary to what we might think, it is not always the e-cigarette model that is the problem.

To find an electronic cigarette that does not leak, you must:


To avoid buying an electronic cigarette that is at risk of leaking, start by getting closer to sites specializing in vaping when you decide to acquire an e-cigarette. Unfortunately, some generalist and unscrupulous online shops do not hesitate to market counterfeits, which are less efficient. 


Most of the time it is the tank of your e-cigarette which is the source of the leak and the explanations are multiple. The Pyrex tube of your clearomiser can be broken or cracked without you noticing it. It is not uncommon to drop your equipment, which is why it is imperative to check that nothing has been damaged during the fall.

On this same clearomiser, it is possible that by unscrewing certain parts, you have misplaced or incorrectly positioned one of the seals. They allow the Pyrex tube to be held correctly on the base of the tank so as not to let any liquid escape.

Also, the way you fill your tank can lead to a leak. Always make sure to close the airflows during filling. With the pressure, the liquid that will be injected from the top of the tank will have the unfortunate tendency to flow out through the air inlets. Be careful when filling and do not hesitate to put the top of the clearomiser down after filling before opening the airflows.

Finally, to be certain of answering the question “Which electronic cigarette does not leak?”, we recommend the new clearomisers whose air inlets are located on the upper part. This is the case for example of the Veco Tank from Vaporesso or the Subtank Mini 2.0 from Kangertech.


In the case of a rebuildable atomizer, the leak problem can be explained by everything we mentioned above. Therefore, if you are looking for an atomizer with top airflow, the  Zeus X RTA from Geekvape or the Expromizer V4 RTA from eXvape should do the trick. 

Leaks can also occur during assembly and more precisely during cottoning!

During your assembly, it is necessary to put a sufficient amount of cotton so that all of the e-liquid is absorbed.


Finally, if your electronic cigarette is leaking, it is essential to think about taking a look at the PG/VG dosage of your e-liquid. Indeed, the more propylene glycol there is, the more the liquid will be fluid and therefore likely to flow. High temperatures can also affect the liquid. The higher the temperatures, the more the liquid will tend to liquefy, which can lead to significant leaks… To overcome this problem, it is recommended to keep your e-liquids in a cool place away from direct sunlight!


As you will have understood, leaks are not directly due to e-cigarettes. You simply have to take certain precautions at the time of purchase but also throughout the life of your e-cigarette.