Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the world of vaping, it is important to always choose your equipment carefully, according to your desires but above all according to your needs. To each vaper corresponds types of materials that help him to better appreciate the vape. The transition to the e-cigarette is often associated with the desire to quit smoking, the user needs to find the right equipment.

A little focus on the profiles of vapers and the ideal associated equipment!

For beginners and occasional vapers: starter kits or starter kits.

For the majority of people, the idea of ​​the e-cigarette is strongly associated with the image of the simple and ergonomic model of the discreet and easy-to-use e-cigarette: it is the form of e-cigarette that we come across most often, especially in the front of specialized stores. Today, several brands like Kangertech or Aspire offer this type of equipment. These models are perfect for beginners in the vape because their prices are affordable and they require little maintenance.

All you have to do is choose your e-liquids, recharge the batteries, and clean the clearomiser: relatively simple actions to get started slowly. Another important manipulation is the change of resistance every 10 to 20 days according to your rhythm of vaping. This manipulation is explained during the acquisition of your equipment. 

In a second step, the user can choose to acquire more material for more comfort: most batteries and clearomizers can be adapted by simple screwing, without necessarily being the same brand. It is very useful to get a second battery early enough so that you can vape when the first one is charging. For more practicality and to save time, it is also recommended to have several clearomizers to be able to alternate the e-liquids without having to clean everything each time!

The e-cig offer is now so varied that the combinations are endless! Over time, it is possible to find more efficient equipment to combine (another type of battery for more autonomy, a more innovative clearomizer, etc.)

The Electronic Mod, for those who want to go further…

… without necessarily getting your hands dirty! The Electronic Mod is a more advanced e-cigarette in terms of components and use. It has the particularity of working with batteries rather than a battery, and of being able to control parameters to adapt your comfort of vaping (sometimes via a screen):

  • the voltage (in Volt)
  • the power (in Watts)

The electronic mode allows you to vape with more power and to learn slowly about the voltage/power/resistance settings in complete safety (it is equipped with protection against overload and short-circuit). This one is also recognized for a better rendering of the flavours of your e-liquids, a better hit and a greater capacity for vapour production.

The screen, when there is one, also allows you to control the charge of your batteries. The rechargeable batteries allow it to have a longer life. However, it remains compatible with most electronic cigarette clearomizers, which helps to make the transition between the two without having to completely renew its equipment. The Electronic Mod is ideal for starting to learn about the pleasures of vaping while keeping some electronic assistance.

Mods users choose them according to their needs. Indeed, the material varies according to the level of vape and a beginner, a confirmed or an expert will not have the same Mod configuration.

To conclude, let’s talk about Box Mod!

It’s not just for experts! As with the Mod, there are models suitable for all levels and all tastes (shapes, colours, etc.). It is characterized by its more rectangular than cylindrical shape, which ensures a good grip. There is a whole range of models, from the most discreet to the most extravagant.

The Box Mod is powered by one or more batteries and can have variable voltage and wattage. Some Box Mods are used to practice Sub-Ohm. (the use of low-value resistors, less than 1 ohm to obtain faster and more intense heating.)