Vaping Vamps Review

The ordered Vaping Vamps kit came with one sample each of the company’s five different refill flavors: Caroline, Mint Julie, Caramella, Tia Berry and Mango Lola. Additionally to the Deluxe Kit, Vaping Vamps also sells a less expensive “Try Me” kit which only consists of one battery and two cartridges.

It costs reasonably. Although refill cartridges start at affordable price per five-pack, you receive an automatic discount per pack when ordering two or more. Devoted customers also receive a permanent 15 percent discount starting with their third order. Once you reach this level of sales, refill cartridges would only cost you peanuts per five-pack. That’s a very attractive price; Vapor Couture cartridges start at a slightly higher price per five-pack by comparison.

When we tested the Vaping Vamps e-cigarette, we would say that we were not so terribly impressed by any of five flavors. Some of them possessed pretty intensive artificial flavor notes and none had very promising tobacco or menthol flavors. The battery itself functioned well, though, and you’ll find many companies online offering compatible cartridges that you can experiment. You can even fill your own. Everyone has individual tastes, though, so we’d advise you to give Vaping Vamps a try if the design and business strategy draws your attention.

Personally, we are sure the style of the Vaping Vamps e-cigarette appeals to us if compared with other e-cigarette brands. For as long as we’ve used e-cigarettes, black has been the most frequent color among e-cigarette products. After all, black matches everything, spoils almost no one’s style and can’t be confused for a real cigarette.

So, we have to admit that we are wondering how exactly the Vaping Vamps e-cigarette is created for women when it looks like most of the other e-cigarettes in the market. It is for sure something feminine still in this e-cig, something capturing and yet strict. If you find Vapor Couture’s style a little bit strange, though, Vaping Vamps might be more to your liking and preferances.