what is vapingE-devices concerning e-liquid nicotine strength are classified almost exactly like ordinary tobacco products: strong, medium, light. What option to choose, it’s up to the vaper. However, vape juice brands without nicotine would definitely fit to those who care about their health.Such products are produced by many world e-liquid brands. Outwardly they are not different from other e-liquid cheap-devices. The whole point is in the liquid, which is refilled in the cartridge or filter. This liquid does not contain nicotine.

The composition of such vape juice brands without nicotine includes various plants. By the way, we would like to note that non-nicotine e-cigarettes still contain a small share of nicotine (about 0.05 mg). E-cigarette quickly prepares the human body for a new non-nicotine life, and also performs the main function – satisfies psychologically – based response.

By the way, for sure you know a lot of cases when the one who quitted smoking tobacco products in a few months or years again breaks down and returns to a dangerous habit. In this case, the non-nicotine e-cigarette will be an excellent assistant in the fight against accidental obsession and will save you from reckless hasty action to re-enter the ranks of smokers. Propylene glycol and glycerin are the main e-liquid ingredients of the composition of non-nicotine fluid for e-cigarettes:

They are widely spread in the medical and food industries. It is necessary to calculate the correct ratio of these products in order to obtain a high-quality liquid for vaping (what is vaping?). Otherwise, we do not get enough steam, or we will harm the body.

•Propylene glycol or as it is indicated in the composition of the liquid on the label of the bottle – PG Propylene Glycol, is one of the main components of the filling. It is a viscous colorless substance, without a pronounced odor, but with a sweetish taste. In the premium fruit juice brands, it is used as an enhancer of taste and aroma and provides the effect of lightly burning the throat to create a likeness to the smoking of a conventional fag. The amount of this element in the liquid contains 30%, but there are other variations. This component is absolutely safe for human health and does not show carcinogenic properties when heated.

VG Food Glycerin
Food glycerol or VG (Vegetable Glycerin) as well as the previous component is basic for liquids. It is a thick transparent liquid and is the simplest representative of triatomic alcohols. This element is responsible for the formation of steam in the e-cigarette and has a brighter, sweeter taste. It is also used as a food supplement, which caused its use in vape juice brands without nicotine.