Types of POD systemsE-cigarettes have been flooding the market for several years now. They have offered smokers the alternative, much healthier option to cut down their nicotine cravings as well as to have some fun while doing it. Some people enjoy the ability to create their own devices or mix in different e-liquids, while others, beginner vapers especially, value the simplicity of certain types of devices.

The first and most simple vape devices were cigalikes. Though a big hype was created around them, they turned out to be not so enjoyable and quite expensive. Soon cigalikes gave place to pod systems, which turned out to be much more user-friendly.

A pod system is a mini version of an e-cigarette which consists of two parts. One part is a battery and the second part is a small pod filled with e-juice. They can be of two types. A refillable system and ready-made prefilled cartridges.

The easiest ones are prefilled with e-liquid. The most popular device in this category can be named Juul. Juul compatible pods come in different flavours and are very easy to use. If you are just starting, such devices are perfect, as the only thing needed is to pop them on and start vaping.

The refillable pods give you the possibility to be more creative. You are not tied up with only specific to the device brand e-juice. Instead, you are free to fill in anything you’d like, including DIY e-liquids.

Regardless of the type of e-cig, you choose both are very easy to use and are perfect for those who just dived into the vaping world, want to stealth vape or just need a small backup. No need to refill the pods each day or buy a new pack of them. Depending on your smoking habits, one pod will be enough for a full week or two of vaping.