In many articles, we hear about the electronic cigarette as “the invention of the century”. But today, after in-depth research in the field of vaping, our specialists have noticed strong similarities with a well-existing invention: the car. The creator of the electronic cigarette Honk Lik would therefore have modelled a mini Toyota Yaris!

Could the vaping community have been fooled? In this file, we have gathered all the evidence demonstrating this plot concerning the electronic cigarette and we reveal it in broad daylight. Indeed, we will finally know the truth about electronic cigarettes!

E-cigarette and battery: chassis and motor

The first case that we have concluded could have the effect of a bomb on the vape market. When analyzing the construction of an electronic cigarette, we could not help but make the connection with the construction of a car.

From the outside, nothing predestined us to discover the truth about the electronic cigarette. But assuming that the box or the electronic mod was the chassis of this smoking cessation tool, the analogies then flowed from the source.

E-liquid, the fuel of the electronic cigarette

The analogy between the electronic cigarette and the car does not end there. To access the tank, and therefore the tank filler opening for the injection rail to do its job, it will generally suffice to unscrew the top-cap serving as a cap.

Of course, you will have to be careful not to get the wrong pump! An e-liquid strongly dosed in VG enters the carburettor of a resistance T2 and it will be the end. Draining and cleaning will then be required.

And for those who prefer to run on fuel oil or red, they can opt for DIY recipes in 1L composed of a neutral PG/VG base and concentrated DIY flavours like a multitude of magic trees. There are delicious ones and others less.

E-cigarette toolkit and safety

Cars have evolved a lot in a few centuries, and the electronic cigarette has done the same in much less time. Honk Link was able to draw inspiration from his automotive muse and onboard tools.

Electronic or physical tools and a panoply of accessories are present to provide information on driving or to protect the equipment.

Thus the dashboard equipped with its electronic card is transformed into an LCD screen with an advanced chipset on the front face of the electronic box. While the dashboard displays the speed and the fuel gauge, the LCD screen of the electronic box will display the variable power as well as the battery level. Without forgetting the puff counter not without recalling the kilometre counter.

And the latest models, like the Captain PD1865 Ijoy box, were even inspired by preheating by creating the Pre Heat, enough to show off in front of your vaping friends.

And to protect these onboard electronics, what better than a nice solid bumper and airbags? E-cigarette manufacturers have thought about it. Vape Band and silicone shell are there to pamper your electronic cigarette and protect it from scratches and breakage. And the most meticulous will be able to park their electronic jewellery in a storage pouch.

Let’s not forget those who like to get their hands dirty, they will be thrilled to discover the best rebuildable atomizers. RBA tray, mini screwdriver, resistive wires and cotton will be the jacks of the vape. And if everything fails, all you have to do is put the crocodile clips on the positive and negative pads!

And how will we respond to the explosions of e-cigarettes? Many engineers will say that there is no success without crash testing.