Today, I present to you a little novelty from the American brand dotMod.

Known and recognized for its mechanical BF (bottom feeder) mods as well as its high-end drippers, the dotMod brand continues to expand its product catalogue: the 220-watt Dotbox mod, the DotAIO kit and the Dotstick kit. It is therefore only natural that the brand is back with a new pod, the dotAIO Mini kit.

DotAIO Mini: a tiny format and 18350 batteries

DotMod has shortened its dotAIO by 2 cm. The mini version measures only 5.7 centimetres. It therefore completely disappears in my hand. The top of discretion. Its weight is reduced. All this was of course possible thanks to the use of a 18350 battery and not 18650 like its elder, the dotAIO pod.

Smaller and therefore a little less autonomy 

What we gain in compactness, we necessarily lose in autonomy. My best IMR battery has an autonomy of 700 mAh, it discharges very quickly concerning my rhythm of vaping but also recharges very quickly. A set of at least two batteries will therefore be necessary to avoid running out of fuel. The dotAIO Mini has the same physical characteristics as the first dotAIO of the name.

A very versatile fire button 

A trigger button on the back side allows you to turn it on, off and vape. Once the door is removed, you can access the location of the battery. A small button is also located here to allow you to select the different modes. On one edge, there is the USB-C socket and on the other, the holes allow the passage of air. These 5 small slots are located just in front of the resistance. On the front face, a slot allows visualizing the level of liquid in the cartridge.

The cartridge of the DotAIO Mini pod 

The cartridge of the dotAIO Mini kit is the same as for the dotAIO. Practical with a 2 mL reservoir integrated into the body of the pod. It certainly requires recharging often, but you can’t have everything. The cartridge easily finds its place in its housing. Just click the bottom first and then the top by pressing lightly. To remove it, you have to pull on the small plastic tab.

The cartridge consists of a reservoir and an adjustable airflow ring. The filling hole is quite wide and allows the use of most e-liquid bottles.

The resistors dotAIO and Nautilus BVC

With the kit, two resistors are provided: one in 0.7 ohms for indirect inhalation and one in 0.3 ohms for a restrictive direct draw. The installation of the resistor is very simple. We screw the new resistor on the airflow ring and push everything into the hole of the cartridge until it stops.

An extra drip tip for a tighter vape 

Note the presence of an additional tighter drip tip for a more restrictive vape. I did not find that we were on real MTL even by closing the airflow almost completely. We are on a restrictive life. It is also possible to use the Nautilus resistors (all except for the Nautilus X), for Aspire fans. An adapter is supplied with the kit.

The different vape modes on this DotAIO Mini pod 

As we saw above, a button is used to select the different modes of vaping. 4 modes are available: very soft/soft/medium/strong.

Each model delivers a different power depending on the resistance installed. From 14 to 20 watts for the resistance in 0.7 ohms and 20 to 35 watts for the 0.3 ohms.

Security as for the initial DotAIO!

The number of LEDs around the button indicates which mode is selected. Like its big sister, the dotAIO Mini pod goes into safety when the tank is no longer full enough to avoid the dreaded dry hit. This function is deactivated with a long press on the power selection button.

Successful handling and rendering by DotMod

Due to its very small size, the pod requires somewhat special handling. But you get used to it quickly and it becomes quite natural after a few minutes of use. During this test, I alternate with a Dovpo Topside and the difference is huge!

Level rendered now, everything is pleasant with the dotAIO 0.7-ohm resistor. It is made of mesh for good restitution of flavours. We are not on a dripper type rendering but I feel the sweet taste of my fruitiness. As I said, I’m not in MTL but rather on very restrictive direct with this resistance. The production of vapour is also bluffing.

With the resistance in 0.3 ohms, we switch to a slightly more powerful vape but it remains reasonable, the box will send around 35 watts in strong mode. A restrictive direct draw too. The rendering of flavours is a little less good for my taste.

Assessment of this pod signed DotMOD?

The design is perfect, and sober for this DotAIO Mini, as always with dotMod. The 4 colours offered are the classics of the house. The kit is supplied with a USB-C cable, a small bag containing spare seals as well as the adapter for the Nautilus resistors and even an additional drip tip for tight pulling.

Its small size is a major asset and the low autonomy is a false weak point if you equip yourself with the necessary batteries. Overall a good balance.

I only regret the airflow adjustment that I do not find very practical. But once the right setting has been found, there is no reason to touch it. I also didn’t experience any leaking issues, an improvement over the dotAIO. I see this pod as a pleasure purchase accessible to both beginners and more experienced vapers. Its price remains quite substantial but the quality of the final product is worth its price.

I therefore highly recommend it!

Make a good play with beautiful clouds!