There are several ways to determine the appropriate cheap premium vape juice. Experienced vapers advise to follow the rule: your liquid must be as hard as the usual cigarette. These data are always available on cigarette packs. Compare with your e-liquid content.
Today, in order to choose the optimal strength of e-liquid brands, it is necessary to choose the content of e-liquid nicotine in a liquid that is respective to the nicotine content in 1 cigarette: if a person usually smoked strong cigarettes with a nicotine content of 0.6 mg per cigarette, then it can be correlated with 6 mg to ml strength of the liquid, 3 mg – with 3 mg to ml ratio. And if your goal is to quit smoking, then you should choose a liquid with a lower nicotine content to step by step get rid of your nicotine dependence.

E-cigarette liquids are available in glass or plastic bottles with a pipette or for filling spout, capacity of 20 to e-liquid 120ml.
Vape juice flavors list is different for every manufacturer, but the choice of top vape flavorsis always very extensive. The selection of aroma is based only on individual preferences. Vape juice brands list is so great that all e-liquid flavors are divided into several categories:
• Dessert (basic flavors – vanilla, caramel, chocolate and various combinations with them);
• Premium fruit juice brands (all kinds of mixes and combinations of garden / tropical / exotic berries and fruits);
• Vape juice flavors with nicotine (liquids with a pronounced taste of tobacco);
• sweet (aromas of caramel, mint, iris, as well as imitation of famous and popular sweets);
• Cereals (the aroma of cereals is most often added to fruit or baked goods, especially the imitation of breakfast cereal flavors);
• Floral (natural extracts of flowers create unusual original flavors);
• alcoholic (popular flavors – rum, brandy, whiskey, are also used in the mix with other ingredients.