The manufacturer Aspire, which started in 2013, has continued to offer quality equipment. Today the brand offers a very complete range of electronic cigarettes and it is not about to stop.

Aspire for all vapers, beginners or experienced

Rather generally oriented towards beginner vapers or fans of tight vaping, Aspire also offers more powerful products like the Rhea X Kit presented in this blog and which I test for you with great pleasure! The Rhea X kit combines the new version of the Rhea box and the new Huracan clearomizer.

Does it keep all its promises? This is what we are going to discover without further delay

The Huracan Clearomizer, a newborn for new clouds

This new clearomizer is cut for the vape in direct inhaling. Lovers of power and big clouds, the Huracan is waiting for you!

Adjustable air inlets and fast filling

The air inlets are positioned at the top of the tank, a very good point for this clearomizer. I like to find this configuration on the clearomizers that I test or that I use because it avoids a large number of leaks and we know for having all already experienced it that it is not the most pleasant when you are a vaper.

Also very wide, the air inlets allow you to adjust the draw precisely so that it is very airy or a little tighter. For my part, I tried with the air inlets open to the maximum as I’m used to and I finally decided to close them halfway to obtain a slightly less aerial draw and that was perfect!

Fast and efficient filling

Regarding the filling, it is done very simply by unscrewing the top cap by a quarter turn.

Two large holes then become visible, but is their size practical? Yes and no.

Yes, because the filling can be done in a simplified way, regardless of the size of the tip of the bottle used.

And no, since if the electronic cigarette is tilted, part of the liquid will be stuck between the top cap and the filling part.

A little advice to avoid finding liquid on your clearomizer: before closing your top cap, wipe the liquid present in it and next to the filling holes.

Filling the Huracan Clearomizer

A soft and pleasant inhalation with Aspire BP Coil resistors

The BP Coil resistors that allow the operation of the Huracan Clearomizer deliver a power that can reach 100 watts. What, to make big and imposing clouds of vapours.

For this test, I used the BP 0.15 ohm resistor which is pre-installed and I set the Rhea X box to 60 watts.

Being used to vaping at a power of 30 watts, I expected to have a more aggressive sensation in the throat and to my great (and good) surprise, this was far from the case, I discovered a draw that was soft and very pleasant.

As for the flavours, the red Sensations e-liquid from the Le Vapoteur Breton brand is very well restored.

Airflow clearomizer Huracan

Zoom on the specificities of the Huracan Clearomizer

  • The 810 drip tip with which the Huracan is equipped has the ideal diameter to evacuate the vapour produced. Neither too small nor too big!
  • The bulb-shaped reservoir can hold 6 mL of liquid and 4 mL with the replacement pyrex present in the pack. An appreciable capacity because of the power produced.

The Rhea X box, a concentrate of power and robustness

The new version of the Rhea box has arrived and with a well-thought-out design and shock resistance, this little one has brightened my curiosity. The Rhea X can deliver a maximum power of 100 watts and that’s not all.

It is also very responsive thanks to the ASP chipset it is equipped with, which has already proven itself on the Aspire Vrod 200 box as well.

A box covered with silicone and Alcantara

The Rhea X box offers a very pleasant grip thanks to its Alcantara fabric covering known for its quality and durability, but also for being warm in winter and cold in summer, enough to provide additional comfort.

The round side of the box perfectly matches the shape of the hand and also plays its role when handling the Rhea X.

The latter is also robust and resistant to shocks, thanks to the silicone coating that accompanies it. So, if you’re like me and you tend to drop your electronic cigarette too often, don’t hesitate, this box can cushion the falls caused by the clumsy side that lies dormant in you.

Alcantara upholstery of Aspire’s Rhea X mod

1 18650 battery for maximum autonomy

The Rhea X box works with 1 18650 battery, which allows you to have good autonomy.

It will be possible to recharge it via the USB-C port, but if I have any advice to give on this electronic cigarette is right here. When I have a box with a battery, I always prefer to recharge them on a dedicated external charger for al

l the good reasons that imply (increased battery life, always autonomy at hand, etc.).

On the Rhea X, the use of an external charger is for my part essential, because the USB-C port is located under the box, which obliges us to lay it down and we could see a little higher than it brings liquid between the top cap and the filling part.

Rhea X electronic mod battery door

This Rhea X kit: is the perfect companion for power-loving vapers

Overall, I am very satisfied with this new Aspire electronic cigarette, we will remember the ideal handling of the Rhea X box and the overflowing power of the Huracan clearomizer. Only small downside, at the level of the liquid which can get stuck in the junction between the top-cap and the rest of the clearomizer, but with a few little tricks, this small downside can quickly be forgotten.

So if you are looking for a powerful and robust electronic cigarette, look no further, we have found it for you.


Have a good day and beautiful clouds to you!