Popular E-Cigarettes of 2014

As long as there are various e-cigarettes available in the United States, it has been too difficult to find reliable information about them. On the one hand, you encounter affiliates whose only goal is to earn money from your purchase.

On the other hand, you’ve got marketers who buy old domains and fill them with senseless e-cigarette content to capture as much search engine traffic as possible. How does anyone cope to find faithful e-cigarette reviews in 2014? Nevertheless, if you’ve made it, you’ve taken an excellent first step. In this article, we are going to put our e-smoking experience to use and disclose the best e-cigarettes of 2014 for every type of smoker.

V2 Cigs is reasonably the best introduction to e-smoking that a person could possibly use for. To sum it up, V2 Cigs company occupies the leading position among the best e-cigarettes of 2014 because they’re constantly developing and searching ways to serve their customers better. This is the company that makes so many efforts that it is hard to say what it is uncapable to do further.

In an industry so full of counterfeits, what makes V2 Cigs actually the best? It provides lifetime warranty, tests all of its e-liquids in a laboratory and makes the reports available to the smoikung public. Maybe these are details, like the foil-sealed cartridges that never arrive dry and stale, or the best created portable charging case.

We’d also be inattentive if we didn’t mention the performance of V2’s e-cigarettes — with batteries tuned to 4.2 volts instead of the standard 3.7, V2 has a product that’s shaped like a tobacco cigarette but produces as much vapor as much larger e-cigarette versiobns. If you’ve never had an e-cigarette before, V2 Cigs is without a doubt the best introduction to e-smoking. This company can be recommended without hesitation whether you’re a social smoker or a long-term tobacco user. It does not matter. The quality of the product matters the most!