Every part of your e-cigarette can wear out over time, but nothing wears out faster than the part that gets hot. The coils are, by far, the most vulnerable element of the electronic cigarette. Of course, wicks also often need to be replaced, but a wick can last a long time if it is never burned. When it comes to coils, wire deteriorates as it heats up. Thus, it begins to offer more resistance for fewer results, which is why the coils often stop heating before they wear out. 

There is also the possibility that too much electricity can cause a short circuit which will eventually overheat the coil and wear it out instantly. 

Chances are you’ve experienced one of these scenarios, even if you didn’t know exactly what happened. It is precisely for this reason that you must take care of your reel by taking simple precautions. 

Save the use of your electronic cigarette to protect your coil 

By pressing the button, the battery releases electricity which passes through the coils and heats them. The hotter the coils get, the more likely they are to burn out. And the longer the battery fires, the hotter the coils get.

Therefore, holding the button down until it turns itself off, endangers the life of your coil. Use a short and effective pressure on the button of your electronic cigarette.

Moreover, it is not necessary to chain the moments of vaping without stopping. Chain vaping involves taking one big puff that produces successive clouds. This manipulation is not ideal if you want to take care of your electronic cigarette. Not only does chain vaping dry out your wick, but it also burns your coil and puts it at an unnecessarily high risk of early burnout.

Adapt the temperature during vaping to protect the coil of your electronic cigarette

Another method to keep your coil alive longer is to vape at lower temperatures. Indeed, low temperatures are better for savouring the complexity of your favourite e-liquids. So you can discover a richness of taste in your e-liquids that you may not have realized before. 

By lowering the temperature, you increase the life of your coil by a few weeks simply because less electricity passes through it with each puff. 

For cloud chasers who can’t stay away from high temperatures, remember to adjust the temperature gently to avoid exposing your coil head-on to your high-temperature blast. On the other hand, when you first install a new coil, turn the temperature up and then slowly turn it up throughout the day. This way your coil has the opportunity to fit properly.

You can also heat your coil at the start of each vaping session to get the best possible experience and take no chances.