For the choice of your e-liquid, it is important to take stock of your smoking habits if you are a smoker and on your way to vaping, your equipment and your pleasure if you are a vaper.

– An appropriate dosage will not create a nicotine craving for you. You just have to take into account that the nicotine delivered by the vape takes a little longer to be diffused in your body.

– An appropriate dosage will bring you a satisfying hit (a hook in the throat), very important for beginners because it is very present in classic cigarettes.

Dosage in 16-18 mg/mL: suitable for heavy cigarette smokers (+ than 20 cigarettes/day), suitable for smokers who are looking for a fairly strong throat hit, and who are very dependent on nicotine. Note: the more the e-liquid is nicotine, the less you will feel the flavours.

Dosage in 10-12 mg/mL: suitable for smokers of strong or normal cigarettes (10-20 cigarettes/day), and for vapers who wish to obtain a slightly less strong hook.

Dosage is 6 mg/mL: suitable for smokers of light cigarettes (about 10 cigarettes/day), smokers of strong cigarettes wishing to reduce their nicotine intake and vapers wishing to enjoy the flavours rather than the hook in the throat.

Dosage is 3 mg/mL: suitable for occasional smokers (less than 5 cigarettes/day). The flavours will be much more present than the grip in the throat. A dosage for vapers who want to keep a minimum of nicotine intake but favour flavours.

Dosage is 0 mg/mL: suitable for smokers of light cigarettes who wish to limit their nicotine intake or for vapers who wish to enjoy all the flavours of their e-liquid.

About 80% of vapers reduce their nicotine dosage a few months after starting. If you don’t lower your dosage, that’s okay as long as you stay away from regular cigarettes.

Is my dosage correct?

– If when you vape, you have a feeling with each puff of irritation of the throat preventing you from chaining these, it is that your hit (hook in the throat) is too strong, you must therefore lower your quantity of nicotine. Be careful, it is often necessary to change your smoking habits a little when you start. Do not hesitate to aspire but more continuously.

– If after using your e-cigarette and your e-liquid, you feel dizzy, nauseous, or headache, then you are probably in nicotine overdose. Take a break. We often tend, when we start, to vape quite intensively which can cause these effects.

The rhythm of vaping often requires a little experience to avoid this overdose. When we smoke classic cigarettes, in the same way, it is often impossible for us to chain a certain number of cigarettes, we self-regulate. With the electronic cigarette, it is the same, the nicotine is just released more slowly which requires a little experience.

The underdose is less serious for health but it can prevent you from quitting tobacco. Indeed, if the nicotine level is too low you will tend to smoke a cigarette again here and there, this choice of dosage is therefore very important, if it is done correctly, the transition to the electronic cigarette will do under the best conditions.