First of all, make sure that the model of cigarette you have chosen has an integrated battery, if this is not the case,  a battery is necessary to start your electronic cigarette. First check that you have put your batteries in your cigarette before lighting it, and in the right direction!

Please note: the batteries are not supplied with the kits and batteries, they must be purchased separately when ordering.

Step 1 – Recharge your battery

If you can’t turn on your e-cigarette, it may be because of the battery. Remember to recharge it by leaving it plugged in for at least an hour before trying to light your cigarette.

Step 2: Light your e-cigarette

To turn on the battery, simply press the switch fire button 5 times quickly. It’s childproof, so you have to press quickly.  If you have multiple buttons, this is usually the biggest one. Please note that the fire switch can take the form of a trigger on certain models. 

Step 3: Check that your cigarette is lit

  • Without a control screen:  it is an LED that will allow you to see if the battery is on or off and if you are vaping in one mode or another. If your battery is on, the LED lights up when you press the button.
  • With control screen:  when your electronic cigarette is on, it displays information on the screen, such as the power of the vape.

You have just confirmed that your battery is on, but your e-cigarette still does not work:

There are many possibilities:

  • The battery no longer has enough autonomy to allow you to vape
  • The resistance is badly screwed, which can create a false contact
  • The resistance is defective or too worn, it must be replaced
  • An impurity stuck in the thread between the battery and the clearomiser creates a false contact: and the screen displays atomiser short.
  • The top cap (part to be unscrewed for filling the e-liquid) is not closed correctly.

The special case of Temperature Control:

The problem can finally come from an incompatibility between the resistance and the battery.

Only batteries with the “CT”  (Temperature Control) feature allow the use of  Nickel and Titanium resistors  (generally recognizable by a  blue or red joint ).

If after these tests you still cannot use your electronic cigarette, do not hesitate to contact us by chat or by email.