Mixing of e-liquid flavors for electronic cigarettes is carried out in three stages.

In order to prepare the best e-liquid flavor concentrate, you need to take propylene glycol, glycerin and distilled water. For a standard recipe, take 5 ml of the first two e-liquid ingredients and add 0.5 ml of water. It is better to take small volumes for the begining. Then you can add nicotine and flavors – we’ll talk about this below.

E-liquid nicotine with a concentration of 36 mg per ml of solution is the most optimal option for the base. Also, there is often used a solution containing a nicotine content of 1000 mg per ml. Examples of how to make a liquid calculation for electronic cigarettes with the desired concentration of nicotine can be found freely available on the sites and communities of vapers. Please note that this stage of preparation of liquid for smoking is not simple and crucial, since nicotine in large quantities is very harmful to the body.

Do not forget that nicotine itself is a highly toxic substance, so store it in tightly closed containers and place inaccessible to children and animals. Also, a high concentration of nicotine in a e- liquid can harm your health. The liquid for electronic cigarettes should be made by hand only out of purified components that do not contain harmful impurities.

It should be added that vaping is possible without flavors – everything is individual here. It is better for fans of different top vape flavors to start with small volumes at the beginning. It is also important to consider not only the proportions, but also to know how to dissolve liquid for electronic cigarettes. However, some vapers prefer not to dissolve mixtures at all.

In fact, ther is nothing complicated in the whole process of preparation there – you just need to be prepared both theoretically and practically in advance.

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