Krave King Disposable E-Cigarette

Krave King Disposable E-Cigarette does not cost much. That is a good thing as you will not be shocked getting offered products at fantastic prices. These cigarettes are in stock in many stores. It is not difficult to find them.

Moreover, these e-cigs are wide-spread and familiar even to non-smokers, but to those ones, whose friends are chain smokers of e- cigs.

The Krave King disposable e-cigarette uses the same soft tip design that many e-cigarette companies are now producing. In other words, it has a size and mouth feel similar to that of a classic cigarette.

This also indicates that it has a liquid capacity equal to about one pack of cigarettes rather than two. The Krave disposable e-cigarette has a lower price to reflect properties This is of great significance as people when first face this product, will not be shocked and confused. Smokers do get confused very often as they do not understand such costliness, it is beyond their understanding.

As for its availability, it’s available in Tobacco and Menthol as well as Cherry, Apple, Vanilla, Chocolate and Grape flavors. Sometimes this brand performs different promotions and actions. Krave, for instance, is giving away a free t-shirt with any purchase of a flavored Krave King disposable e-cigarette. This will encourage many buyer participate in such sorts of actions and win something useful.