When it comes to e-cigarettes, there is no rule of days or weeks as to when to change coils. Why? 

Because all electronic cigarette models are not the same: the batteries are not identical from one e-cigarette to another, they do not heat the resistors in the same way. In conclusion, some resistors will last longer than others.

You do not vape in the same way as your neighbour: if your inspirations are long, intense and very close together, your e-cigarette resistance will not last long. “normal” use would require you to take a few puffs several times a day, between 2 and 4 seconds with a gentle to moderate inspiration.  

Not all flavours are created equal. A poor-quality aroma can quickly clog up your resistance. Opt for major e-liquid brands recognized for the use of food-grade flavours like Liquideo (obviously).

In addition, the sweet aromas present in large quantities in gourmet e-liquids with a high vegetable glycerin content will clog your equipment more quickly. The higher the Propylene 

Glycol content of the e-liquid (tobacco, fresh or fruity flavour e-liquids in general), the slower the resistance will wear out.

What are the signs of an electronic cigarette coil that is too old?

The colour is a good indicator of a worn coil. When it becomes brown under the effect of the deposit of e-liquid which has heated, it must be changed. But on some types of hardware, it is not possible to see this effect. It will therefore be necessary to rely on a second indicator, much more meaningful…


When you change the resistance, the flavours of the e-liquid are well restored. As you vape, the e-liquid experiences a loss of flavour, until it becomes less good (saturated taste). Do not hesitate to change your resistors regularly, between a week and 10 days and as soon as the burnt taste appears, it is really necessary to replace it.

And you are ready to vape safely!