Vaping with the wrong e-liquid greatly impairs the pleasure it can offer. This is why you have to take the time to find out about the quality and the flavour of the liquid you plan to buy before confirming the choice. For this, the composition of the product can be decisive. It is from this point that we will see through the following guide.

PG and VG: the basics of e-liquid

The rate of PG and VG determines the quality of the e-liquid. Thus, it is more judicious to be interested in these two points before buying the smallest bottle.

Propylene-Glycol (PG): generally colourless, propylene-glycol is a less ephemeral and slightly viscous liquid. This product also has an odourless and hygroscopic character. That is, it can easily absorb moisture circulating in the air.

Can be used in several areas, and PG is essential for the consumption of e-liquid. First, the product guarantees the “hit” produced by the liquid with each vaping. Note that the “hit” comes mainly from the nicotine contained in the liquid. In other words, you will feel a better sensation in the concentration of the throat. Thus, you will have the impression of easily inhaling the smoke of real cigarettes.

In addition to bringing out the potency of the nicotine, the PG also highlights the taste of the liquid. It is possible to release a good amount of vapour while bringing out the flavour of the liquid. It is easier to appreciate the flavour of the product while enjoying the pleasure offered by the electronic cigarette.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): vegetable glycerin is also vicious and odourless contrary to what one might imagine. This element always accompanies the PG to ensure the enjoyment of vaping. A good amount of glycerin offers the opportunity to make a lot of vapour each time you smoke an electronic cigarette. Add to that, this element has the role of softening the flavours of the liquid. 

Moreover, you will not risk feeling the hit created by the nicotine when you vape.

This makes every experience with an e-cigarette more enjoyable. However, you have to take the time to carefully check the VG level in a liquid so as not to spoil the sensation it can offer. 

For a beginner, do not hesitate to get information from regulars or professionals about electronic cigarettes.

In any case, it can be said that the ratio of the rate of PG and VG determines the character of the liquid. Specifically, a bottle with a high PG provides more flavour (aroma) and hits. Also, a high VG helps produce more vapour during each vape.

The other components of the e-liquid

Other components can also determine the quality of an e-liquid. You should then inform yourself about the following:

Aromas: Admittedly, the aroma is often taken lightly by beginners in electronic cigarettes. On the other hand, it should be noted that this element is essential since the taste of the product depends on it. You should know that the current market offers the choice between food flavouring and natural flavouring. The latter is distinguished by its composition as a product of natural origin. It is more prudent to determine the flavour that suits you before buying a bottle of e-liquid.

Alcohol and/or water: you should know that alcohol and water are far from being basic components of an e-liquid. In addition to that, these two elements have the same role in the product. Specifically, water and alcohol are primarily used as thinners during e-liquid design. In addition to this, these elements are not present in large quantities in each vial. Alcohol in particular will have no impact on a smoker’s overall health or condition as it will not mix with the blood. The amount of alcohol present in the liquid evaporates quickly contrary to popular belief.

Nicotine: All cigarette smokers are fully aware of the importance of nicotine when smoking. It must be recognized that many e-liquids are composed of this element. This point is very important if you want to quit regular cigarettes and turn to electronic cigarettes. Nicotine gives the same sensation as good old cigarettes.

On the other hand, you should know that the current market allows you to obtain liquids without nicotine. It is also possible to obtain bottles with different levels of nicotine. It is for this benefit that it is easier to quit regular cigarettes and start vaping.

The nicotine level in the liquid guarantees the hit it can offer to smokers. We can say with certainty that a liquid with a high level of nicotine always offers a stronger hit. You should also know that nicotine can stimulate or soothe the smoker depending on its quantity. A weak presence of this element can stimulate the smoker while a strong dose of nicotine can calm him down.

What does the skull on a bottle of e-liquid mean?

In case you don’t know yet, the addition of a skull on each bottle of e-liquid is due to its nicotine content. Remember that the latter can become fatal if consumed in large quantities. As a result, all manufacturers of e-liquid with nicotine are required to add the “T+” mark to the bottles.

Without this marking, we can say that the liquid does not contain nicotine. In addition, the omission of this marking on e-liquid containing nicotine may result in heavy punishment. The manufacturer, as well as the supplier of the product, can incur a significant fine.

Also, be aware that the law requires e-liquid manufacturers to add other indications. One can for example cite the wearing of gloves and goggles during the preparation of the liquid. Moreover, these indications are not visible on e-liquids without nicotine. It must be admitted that nicotine is a very important element in the manufacture of e-liquid.