Juul compatible pods ukCafe Racer is a newcomer to the market of e-liquid brands. The experience is relatively small, if compared to other popular manufacturers. The main office and production facilities are located in the city Encinitas, which is located in the district of San Diego, California. They have several e-liquid flavors in the vape juice flavors list that are available for orders, the company improves itself and in the close future it promises to supply many new wholesale e-juice flavors to the consumers. Existing tastes have so impressed the admirers of delicious vapers that oblige us to give you more e-liquid reviews about this company and present you in details the existing vape juice brands list of the company.

It is interesting that one of the founders of the company initially worked in a team that produced electronic cigarettes Ploom. Having worked there for a while, he received an invitation from Juul, but this was not enough to fully appreciate the full power and potential of the electronic cigarette. Inspired by technology and progress, our hero opens his company to produce cheap premium vape juice.

Liquids from Cafe Racer come in a square case. Inside, we find a bottle of 30 ml capacity that is interesting from the design point of view, which is somewhat reminiscent of old bottles of cologne. The ratio of 70 propylene glycol and 30 glycerin.

For today, there are two premium fruit juice brands: Lucky 13 and Peach Guzzy.

Lucky 13. A mixture of creamy vanilla of toasted almonds and caramel. To this set, add more notes of tobacco, and we will get a dessert liquid with a taste of sweetness and the aftertaste of tobacco notes. Let’s try to convey to you: it is unlikely that this taste can be classified as tobacco, most likely it is a complex mix, where the producer just tried to add notes of tobacco, but they are very little noticeable during vaping.

Peach Guzzy. The manufacturer describes this fragrance as a rich mixture of peach with sweet blueberry soaked in vanilla cream with the addition of notes of green tea. It’s really very difficult to understand such a mix without trying it. But after tasting you can recognize all these components in the process of hovering. Upon the inhaling creamy custard with vanilla flavor and green tea on the way out.

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Juul compatible pods uk