Juul AlternativeJUUL has been a prevailing player in the e-cigarette space for quite a while now. It has been famous across various age categories. Up until this point, the JUUL unit appreciates the major share in the e-cigarettes sphere. On account of its prevalence, progressively comparative pod systems and vape items have been advanced to equal it. However, nonetheless, some corrupt makers are exploiting JUUL’s notoriety to fake JUUL and trick clients.
The following are the absolute best Juul Alternative that you can discover. They share likenesses with JUUL yet they additionally have their own special highlights that set them apart and create Juul Alternative.

Here are some of them:

Smok Infinix Kit is another Juul Alternative, compact and convenient pod system from SMOK. Pod-systems are a new round in the development of the vape industry. As a rule, devices of such a plan are not large in size and made in a one-piece all-in-one housing, consisting of a battery and a replaceable cartridge combined with an evaporator. Designed to work with fluids with a high nicotine content, such as salt (salt nicotine), which even with a high content in the fluid has virtually no TX .

Mi-Pod is an ultra-compact device that has one of the most stylish designs in the segment of POD systems. The body of the Mi Pod device has many options, each of which demonstrates a given color theme in a unique pattern that is visually appealing to the eye. The battery capacity is as much as 950mAh, which, combined with a sufficiently capacious hearth of 2ml capacity, will allow you to enjoy it for a long time! Replaceable pods Mi Pods have good taste and are easy to refill, by the way, they are included in the whole set. Style, large battery capacity and build quality, these are the main advantages of this device.

Suorin Drop Kit is already the second device from the manufacturer Suorin, the first – the Air Starter Kit – was similar to the All in one configuration, but in a slightly different external form. As far as everyone knows, the company produces its creations at the same factory with everything known by Apple and, with absolutely the same quality control. The dimensions of the device are 73x49x12 mm, the internal battery capacity is 300 mAh, the capacity of the pod is 2 ml, the ability to charge via USB and protection against overheating, overdischarge and overcharge.