The Joyetech Atopack Penguin SE Starter Kit is an updated version of the previous model and the best Juul alternative, designed for beginners and vapers who value compactness and convenience in everyday use.

The most significant changes compared to its predecessor are a window on the housing to monitor the liquid level (previously it was necessary to remove the tank), as well as weight – now it is a little more than 100g.

The device has a built-in Li-Po battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh, charging is carried out via a USB port, fast charging from 2A is supported.

The settings are not overloaded with many modes, but are implemented according to the principle of the mechmode – the power depends on the battery level, for the indication of which 5 LEDs on the panel are responsible. Joyetech Atopack Penguin SE is the best Juul alternative that has only 1 button – Fire, which is responsible for turning on / off, as well as for supplying power to the evaporator.

The kit uses evaporators from the previous version (1 of each type is supplied):

JVIC1 PG1 (0.6 Ohm) – for tight tightening;

JVIC1 PG2 (0.25 Ohm) – for loose tightening close to the hookah;

The tank holds 8.8 ml of liquid, which, according to the developers, corresponds to the volume that can be evaporated on one full battery charge. Refueling is carried out as follows: the tank is removed, the evaporator is removed, liquid is poured into the hole from under the evaporator. When changing the evaporator, we also recommend wetting its liquid so that the cotton wool is well saturated. Thus, you will avoid possible damage to the wick at the first start.

The previous version of this best Juul alternative has already proven itself in use, and thanks to the viewing windows it will be even more convenient to use the device. Evaporators are compatible for both versions and are developed using the new JVIC System technology (Juice Verticle Injection Coil), the body of which is completely ceramic. This best Juul alternative system uses a unique method of vertical fluid supply, the spiral is made of cantal and is located horizontally. On the one hand, air enters, and on the other, ready-made vapor comes out. The evaporator is capable of producing large quantities of vapor and imparts a clear taste to the liquid.