iTaste MVP charging an external device

It also has to be mentioned that when the iTaste MVP charges an external device, it can get extremely hot. Although, chain smokers never experienced a problem due to this, and haven’t heard of any problems reported by others, this has to be paid attention to.

Nevertheless, we’d have to recommend against using the iTaste MVP to charge devices in direct sunrays. If there is nothing else available, you might risk overheating the iTaste and shutting it down.

That is not should be expected to happen. Thus, try to be careful with such devices as you need them to function properly for a longer period of time. You save money, enjoy smoking e-cigs only with the best items.

One might not be particularly fond of the included tank clearomizers from Innokin. The taste they produce isn’t the best, and they are subject to leaking when placed upright for long periods. No use to say, this can cause some unpleasant accidents.

If you’re thinking about sticking to the iTaste MVP, though, you’re likely to try the Innokin clearomizers for about five minutes before going right back to your favorite cartomizer or tank. The iTaste MVP will function with any attachment that has 510 threading, and most eGo-threaded attachments will work as well.