Is it possible to smoke E-Cigarette in Public?

One of the reasons why some people prefer switching to e-cigarettes at some point is because many cities and states have imposed public smoking bans. In some cases, these bans are so strict that it is practically illegal to light up anywhere at all except for your home.

Since e-cigarettes don’t generate smoke, many people conclude that they can use their e-cigarettes wherever they like. Actually, e-smoking is something that is still not being banned; in many places, e-cigarettes aren’t specifically covered by e-smoking bans. If you are resident of one of these places, you can theoretically use your e-cigarette in public without being concerned about the unintended consequences. However, there are a few aspects you may want to consider first.

Before you begin using your e-cigarette in public, you’ll want to check your local laws and be aware of any coming changes. Laws are changing frequently and the changes usually aren’t good to e-smokers. Some of the cities that have been recently added — or are considering adding — e-cigarettes to their public smoking bans include Boston, Cohasset, Lee, Lenox and Stockbridge, MA, Indianapolis, IN and Salt Lake City, UT.

Those are just the cities with e-cigarette bans that occurred in a quick Web search, and there is almost certain there are others. So you’re definitely intended to keep an eye on what happens in your smoking community.