IQOS Heets Yellow Sticks are the aroma combination of a special tobacco mixture with slight spicy notes that will be admired by all consumers who got used to top tobaccos.

There is no secret that the IQOS Heets are a compromise in the everlasting conflict of smokers and non-smokers. Oh, you will have a doubt as the vape tools are considered to be the first attempt.

They really were, but there is one difference here. Vape tools can scarcely be considered as a tobacco product. They have another intention. Namely, they had to become a substitute for ex-smokers and those who wish to try something of the kind before starting to inhale tobacco fumes from glowing cigarettes. So, a substitute, but a very nice substitute, with plenty of aromas, which are associated with nice moments of the user’s life.

But that is a separate, we would rather go on talking about the IQOS Heets Yellow Sticks. And about the IQOS Heets in common. The IQOS Heets are not any substitute, but a product that is intended to be an alternative to normal cigarettes.

Smokers can keep to their habit, but they do however need some diversification. That does not mean that they will stop smoking cigarettes forever. They just need to consume other tobacco products as well in order to compare them with those that they daily use. And if they do, the IQOS Heets Yellow Sticks will be one of the best options. Why? For sure, because of those slightly spice notes, which are inhaled with the tobacco vapor.

They are not a minor thing. If you try, you will make sure that they are better recognized in the tobacco taste if compared with the aromas of ordinary cigarettes. Because when you inhale tobacco smokes, you get the burnt scents, in which some notes are not easily remarkable. That is not the matter for the IQOS Heets Yellow Sticks. They express the notes of both tobacco and other ingredients, because those are not absorbed while being burnt as it happens in ordinary cigarettes. Remark the difference.