You have not had time to enjoy the variety of HEETS and have not found your favorite taste? Try it now:

IQOS HEETS Bronze Label is a rich and rich taste of tobacco with warm notes of cocoa and dried fruit.

If you buy cheap IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks online, try to use them properly.

We explain how to properly smoke IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks after buying them. The use of the IQOS tobacco heating system is relatively simple and you can quickly master the subtleties of its use.

Here are some helpful tips for smoking IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks. This is not a science, you will learn everything quickly, but first read our recommendations. It is important to clean the IQOS regularly and properly. Be sure to read the instruction manual before starting. This guide explains the basic usage steps. After buying IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks, you’ll learn how to smoke Iqos the best.

What is the best way to smoke IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks?

For a better taste, try to reduce the speed. Do not overheat the filter.

Do not be surprised by the strange taste or cough, you will get used to the warmer smoke.

How to smoke IQOS to get more smoke?

Blow the blade holder before use;

IQOS should be cleaned regularly, preferably after each use. Be especially careful with the base of the heater holder.

The box of tobacco rods HEETS is divided into two compartments – an empty space is well suited for used bars in places where there is no ashtray. You can meet Heetray somewhere;

When purchasing IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks, always ask for the original serial number and confirmation of purchase, even though you no longer need to contact the service center.

For all the necessary data, contact the online store where you bought IQOS HEETS Bronze Label sticks online.

In our online shop, you will always receive all necessary data to facilitate the use of IQOS.

We are happy to be of service to all our customers and to provide them with all the information they need.

Just take some time to contact our sales team and customer service. You will answer your questions quickly and with great joy.