IQOS HeatSticksIQOS is a tobacco heating system, a less harmful and more hygienic alternative for smokers.

Packaging design has become a match for the IQOS HeatSticks. They are laconic, without unnecessary elements and design solutions. We would even say that it is too modest (remember the Marlboro sticks), although the letters are now embossed.

Also in the filter at the stick interlayer gel, this cools the smoke in the process of smoking. Immediately it is in a gel-like state, but in the process of smoking from the temperature it is sintered.

Another novelty is a thin layer of foil between the paper and the tobacco leaf. Glycerin does not flow through it, and the heating in the stick lasts longer. This does not affect the quality, but the stick itself after use is really black.

A new smoking system from Phillip Morris called IQOS HeatSticks and Heets sticks is becoming increasingly popular. This is a special device, in which the extraction of nicotine does not occur through the burning of tobacco, but by heating it to a certain temperature. Therefore, special “cigarettes” were developed under the Heets logo for use in IQOS.

Stickers Heets for IQOS: what are the tastes?

IQOS HeatSticks are already the third product in the “tobacco stick” line (this designation is on the pack) for IQOS. Before them, the Parliament and Marlboro versions were issued. New “cigarettes” are different packaging design, internal structure, aromas and flavors.

Heets Sticks for IQOS found an updated filter. It does not have an air pocket, but a gel layer has appeared which prevents hot smoke from entering the smoker’s airways. In the process of smoking under the influence of temperature, the substance from the gel-like state becomes solid (sintered). Another innovation is a double-layered tobacco sleeve: under the outer paper layer there is a thin foil. It acts as a thermal insulator, maintaining the temperature of heating. Also, heated glycerin does not flow through it and the paper layer does not get wet.

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