Consumers love the cooling taste of the IQOS cigarettes, which brings them back to summer even in winter. They are happy to find places to order, under which the Instagram differs.
By the way, Instagram is the top-selling app among the IQOS cigarettes promotions: 72% of the viewers have bought something under the influence of insta publications at least once.
Nevertheless, advertising on social networks has its disadvantages. First, it can not make a quick start to a business because you can not reach a target audience in sufficient quantity without initial investment. On average, it takes about a year to reach the natural growth of the audience, and it takes six months for a coveted product and quality content. A paid ad campaign saves time, but for maximum efficiency, it’s better to entrust it to a specialist. To get the most out of IQOS cigarettes sales via Instagram, you need to hire a skilled employee that will make the target audience for IQOS cigarettes.

What if you are about to begin trading IQOS cigarettes online? We encourage you to create pages in major social networks at the same time you start your business. Maybe one of the social networks will become your main distribution channel. In any case, social media will be an excellent tool for building the company’s image, maintaining customer contact, and getting feedback.
Online auctions are useful to promote IQOS cigarettes.
Online auctions work according to the following simple scheme: the one offering the largest amount receives the lot. Such a sales model is not suitable for some retailers, but in general, auctions can be considered a marketplace option – especially since many of them support a fixed price. Online auctions are especially beneficial for sellers offering unique or rare goods (such as IQOS cigarettes).

As we said earlier, there are three key factors in promoting IQOS cigarettes through Instagram:
some time for an advertising campaign;
financial support of an advertising campaign;
skilled employees to promote your products through Instagram. Everything is done much better when a skilled employee is committed to achieving a specific goal.
Taking these factors into account, you will achieve high results within a certain period of time.