The transparent tank (also called Pyrex, glass) of the clearomizer is an essential part of the electronic cigarette, which has the role of containing the e-liquid. When it breaks, you can’t vape, and unfortunately, this can happen quite easily.

Indeed, the tank is made of glass, a particularly fragile material, but whose use is almost essential given the temperatures to which the clearomizer is exposed. However, although it is an inexpensive and easily replaceable part, several hours to several days of waiting to be able to vape again can be a real ordeal. It could then be tempting to try to repair your clearomiser yourself. But is it such a good idea? In this article, we offer you a summary of the different options available to you if you break your tank, as well as advice on how to stop fearing it.

Changing the tank, the preferred solution

Your equipment has just had a bad fall and the reservoir of your clearomizer has shattered? First of all, consider yourself lucky if only this piece is broken: the consequences would be more dramatic if the clearomiser had twisted or, worse if the case no longer worked. In such a case, you do not need, most often, to change your clearomiser, but only the glass or pyrex tank.

The first reflex is to check in the original box of the clearomiser if you have been provided with a spare tank. It can be a second identical tank, the sole purpose of which is precisely to make your life easier in these precise circumstances, or it can be a different tank, with its advantages and disadvantages. 

If unfortunately, you do not have a second tank, because the model does not provide for one, it is a not very generous kit or you have lost the spare part, you still have the solution to buy one urgently – or rather two, we’ll talk about it later.

While most models allow only the glass to be changed, it should be noted that some are designed in a single block, making any replacement difficult or even impossible, unless you take out the heavy artillery (grinder and industrial glue, etc.). This is for example the case of the Zenith which, except in its pro version, will have to be replaced entirely in the event of breakage. Finally, pay attention to compatibility: they are not interchangeable.

Repair the tank, the adventurous solution

If you feel the soul of a Mac Gyver, or quite simply, that the need to vape does not allow you to wait to find a new tank, it is possible, in certain cases and with great precaution, to perform a makeshift tank repair.

On the forums, we read the story of ingenious vapers, having found surprising extra solutions, such as cutting out a bottle of e-liquid of compatible size to replace the tank, or more obvious, like rolling up the entire tank of Chatterton.

Understand, however, that this is a difficult and risky business. For one, your chances of success are slim. These are technical parts, machined with precision, which are difficult to replace durably. On the other hand and above all, your vaper produces heat and emits a vapour going straight… Into your lungs! So think twice before applying glue or replacing pyrex with plastic: once heated, they could contaminate your e-liquid or release toxic fumes. For these reasons, it is not in vain that manufacturers often include a disclaimer stating that you should not try to repair it yourself.

Finally, should you try to repair your tank yourself? In our opinion, you should only attempt a glass repair as a last resort, if for example you have a craving for nicotine and the replacement part will take several days to arrive. The repair will then have to be light. For example, a piece of glass has broken, and you hold it with tape while waiting for the spare part, and take care to keep the clearomizer at low temperatures.

In the future, prevention rather than cure

Once the situation is resolved, lessons must be learned. Did the impromptu breakage of your tank put you in an uncomfortable situation? You didn’t have spare parts? To better protect yourself from this situation in the future, it is good to always have spare tanks on hand. You should always have one or two in reserve.

You can also, alternatively or additionally, try to reinforce the tank to prevent breakage. For zero cost (and if aesthetics don’t matter to you), you can wrap your tank in tape or tape. This is quite effective in protecting it from shocks. Otherwise, for a few euros, you can opt for tanks reinforced with protection.