Switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes represents a change both in terms of equipment and in the way of “smoking”. Indeed, we do not vape like a puff. But then how to vape well? Here are the different techniques that will allow you to understand how to vape correctly.

The secrets to knowing how to vape well

Unlike the traditional cigarette, the electronic cigarette requires some rudimentary techniques. Here are some tips on how to vape properly.

First example: when you start the electronic cigarette, you quickly realize that the way of taking a puff is different from traditional cigarettes. With a cigarette, you are going to have generally short and intense draws. Conversely, aspirations should be longer (3 to 4 seconds) and smoother with an electronic cigarette.

How to vape well? It’s very simple: many models are equipped with an automatic trigger and the battery starts up as soon as you start vacuuming. For other models, you will need to hold down the battery activation button for the puff duration.

Then there are two possible types of inhalation. And how you will vape depends on your previous habits and preferences.

Indirect inhalation

You will first draw the vapour into your mouth and then pass it through your lungs. 

This is the closest thing to traditional cigarettes. You will have to suck a little harder because the airflow is more restricted. You will have less power and steam production, use less battery, and have more autonomy.

Direct inhalation

The second way of vaping, direct inhalation, is simply the fact of sucking the vapour directly into the lungs, as with a shisha. The airflow will be much more aerial, you will inhale more easily. But as you will make more vapour, you will draw more on the battery and therefore you will have a lower autonomy.

The last recommendation to know how to vape well: to avoid frustration, don’t forget to inhale for a long time. Also, remember to take a break between each puff to give the resistance time to soak up the liquid.