Some will tell you that filing an electronic cigarette is an art. We don’t think you have to be an artist, but rather that you have to follow a few basic rules and everyone can do it, very simply. As in any field, the use of a new product requires taking certain precautions.

This may seem trivial but be aware that all e-liquids are not necessarily compatible with all e-cigarettes and vice versa. There isn’t a huge difference between a 65/35 e-liquid and a 50/50 e-liquid. Find our explanations on the choice of the PG/VG rate. If you opt for an e-liquid and an electronic cigarette from another brand, there is a priori no problem of use. Indeed, our e-liquids are compatible with all types of equipment and vapers. On the other hand, if you opt for an electronic cigarette and an e-liquid from another brand, find out about the compatibility of the e-liquid and the material. For example, an e-liquid with a high rate of VG will tend to foul the resistance much more quickly. The choice of your electronic cigarette is therefore very important. Finally, with “Pod” type equipment, preference should be given to e-liquids with a Propylene Glycol level of at least 50%.

You can find different types of openings on clearomizers. The opening can be done by unscrewing the top part of the bottom part or by sliding the top part.

First of all, do not throw yourself headlong into dismantling the clearomiser, the part containing the tank and the resistance of your electronic cigarette, at the risk of mishandling. Carefully read the instructions provided in the pack of your electronic cigarette. The filling step is indicated there and this will save you from unpleasant surprises. Depending on the design of the clearomisers, the filling of e-liquid can be done from the top or the bottom. Currently, most electronic cigarette models offer top filling, which is easier and faster, and generally reduces the risk of leakage. If your electronic cigarette fills from the top, unscrew the mouthpiece (or the upper part) and fill the e-liquid, making sure to respect the “max” limit. If your e-cigarette fills from the bottom, unscrew your clearomiser from the battery then turn it over. Then unscrew the base and fill the e-liquid by tilting the tank so as not to put any in the central part.

When you fill your tank for the first time or if you are about to change the resistance of your electronic cigarette, it is important to respect the priming of the resistance. This step consists in soaking the cotton of the resistance with the e-liquid to prevent the cotton from burning during the operation of the electronic cigarette. It is recommended to pour a few drops of e-liquid on the cotton of the resistance and then to wait a few minutes before the first use. The priming is to be carried out during the first filling and at each change of resistance.