An essential element of your electronic cigarette, the resistance is one of its most fragile components due to its primary utility. If its lifespan requires a frequent change of resistance for an electronic cigarette with optimal functioning, it is possible to maximize this same duration by periodic cleaning.

How to clean your electronic cigarette resistance?

To assist you in this process and through a listing of these inherent advantages, we present to you all the essential steps for successful electronic cigarette resistance cleaning.

Cleaning your electronic cigarette resistance: why and for what advantages?

Like many everyday objects, our electronic cigarettes must be maintained regularly to continue to function optimally. Not only is this essential for the majority of these components, but particularly for its resistance. Cleaned regularly, your resistance acquires a longer lifespan but also offers you a range of advantages throughout its use.

Firstly and by extending its lifespan, cleaning your electronic cigarette resistance saves you money by limiting its premature change. Also, a cleaned resistance ensures a smoother and more homogeneous smoke, without a dry hit. The key for you daily is a more serene use of your electronic cigarette, a tastier smoke and significant savings.

However and before dwelling on the method to clean your electronic cigarette resistance, note that only electronic cigarettes adorning themselves with a rebuildable atomizer can apply these tips.

How to clean an electronic cigarette coil: the dry burn method

If several techniques have been developed to clean the resistance of an electronic cigarette, the best known is undoubtedly that of dry burn. This is easily explained by the fact that this method of cleaning is the fastest and least expensive in its implementation, independently of the model of electronic cigarette targeted.

But what is a dry burn will you tell us?! The dry burn is a method consisting of empty heating of your electronic cigarette (understand without liquid). Its purpose is simple: to burn and destroy residues of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and cotton wool, all three responsible for clogging up your resistance.

To perform a perfect dry burn, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Disassemble the atomizer of your electronic cigarette
  2. Separate the atomizer from the latter to have full access to the mounting plate
  3. Using your brush, remove the burnt cotton from the pg-VG base
  4. Press the mod box to heat your electronic cigarette coil and destroy liquid residues
  5. Wait for the resistor to cool and clean it by passing it under running water
  6. Let it dry before integrating it back into your electronic cigarette
  7. Repeat action number 4 and insert a new cotton wick
  8. Start your resistance to check that your electronic cigarette works perfectly.

Cleaning the resistance of an electronic cigarette: some advice

Also, take special care to dry your resistance before reassembling it on your electronic cigarette. Indeed, operating an electronic cigarette with a wet resistor can be the starting point for short circuits, highly damaging to the integrity of all of its components.

Finally, an ohmmeter can be used as an accessory to determine if your coil needs cleaning. To do this, check the power that your ohmmeter indicates and compare it with the standard (or default) power of your new resistor.