Switching to the electronic cigarette to replace the traditional cigarette is not a trivial choice. This is often the result of awareness, a failed attempt to quit smoking or the simple wish to reduce the risks associated with tobacco (reminder: tobacco is responsible for the death of more than 73,000 people each year in France). To succeed in this smoking cessation process, the notion of pleasure is important, even essential. And nicotine has an essential role, just as much as the flavours available on the e-liquid market. 

Although we have already devoted an article to the ingredients contained in e-liquids, a little reminder is not useless. E-liquids contain a base of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (PG/VG), pharmaceutical grade nicotine (for e-liquids containing nicotine) and flavours found in particular in the food industry. The choice of your e-liquid will be made mainly according to these criteria: the PG / VG ratio, the nicotine level and the aromas. To find your e-liquid, you must first and above all take the time to test if you have the possibility. If you can’t come, we advise you to take a bottle to test a flavour before placing a larger order. Here are some additional tips for making the right choice.

As we have seen above, one of the strengths of vaping is that there are many different flavours. Of course, when you quit smoking, you tend to want to stay on the “tobacco” flavour, the one you’ve always known. This is especially true in the beginning. But very quickly, we are attracted by gourmet e-liquids (coffee, chocolate, muffin, speculoos) or fruity e-liquids (apple, strawberry, raspberry, pear). On the contrary, other vapers want to immediately switch to fruity or gourmet aromas to get away from tobacco as quickly as possible. And how do we understand them? Be careful, we are not saying that vaping “classic” aromas are bad. But to move away from tobacco in a radical way is nothing like a mint or strawberry e-liquid. The easier the breakup will be. In the end, you shouldn’t forbid anything and vape what you like every day.

Let’s say that choosing your nicotine level is a crucial step for a successful transition to vaping. Without going into details and the precise number of cigarettes smoked, here is a relatively simple but effective table to know the nicotine level equivalent to your consumption:

0 mg/ml if you are not dependent

3 mg/ml if you are very mild dependence

6 mg/ml if you have mild dependence

11 mg/ml if you have intermediate dependence

16 mg/ml if you have high dependence

We cannot repeat it enough, but if you are not a smoker, do not start vaping. So why a nicotine level of 0? Simply for vapers who gradually lower their nicotine levels and end up only vaping e-liquids without nicotine. Because this is the purpose of the vape: to reduce its nicotine level. Some will even end up quitting vaping altogether. That said, even if you don’t lower your nicotine levels, don’t feel guilty, far from it! We remind you that electronic cigarette is at least 95% less harmful than tobacco. Vaping will always remain much less dangerous than smoking tobacco.

To end this article on the choice of your e-liquid, how not to mention propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Propylene glycol promotes the sensation of hit, and the rendering of flavours is optimal. While the vegetable Glycerin allows for the generation of dense and compact vapour.  The 50/50 PG/VG ratio emphasizes the production of vapour and decreases the sensation of a hit. Thanks to a greater dosage of aroma, the flavours are as well restored as with the 65/35 ratio.

If you are a beginner, you are bound to ask yourself questions about how to vape, which equipment to choose or how to store e-liquids. Below you will find the answers to the main questions that novice vapers may have. 

» I cough when I vape, why?

Coughing while vaping is not uncommon. Don’t worry, there are 3 main causes. First of all, the puffs should be soft and last a maximum of about 4 seconds. Do not inhale brutally on your electronic cigarette. Then, care must be taken to choose the right level of nicotine: too high a level can lead to irritation of the mucous membranes and a cough. Choose a lower nicotine level. Finally, the level of propylene glycol may be too high in your e-liquid, drying out the mucous membranes and causing a cough. 

»Should we decrease or increase the nicotine level?

It mainly depends on how you feel. If you are a new vaper and you feel a craving, it is necessary to increase your nicotine levels. On the contrary, if you cough, then it must be reduced. The main thing is to find your nicotine level when you start vaping. Over time, your cravings will lessen and you will gradually lower your nicotine levels. It is advisable not to lower the rate too quickly at the risk of seeing your e-liquid consumption increase sharply.

» What is the BBD?

DLUO stands for Best Use By Date: in other words, it is the date until which your e-liquid retains all its aromas without any degradation. These are indeed the flavours that degrade the fastest, unlike nicotine and PG/VG. This does not mean that your e-liquid will no longer be consumable after this date, but it will tend to lose quality in terms of aromas over time. It is best to consume the e-liquid before this date. However, if the e-liquid retains a normal appearance, taste and smell, it can be consumed after this date.

» Where to throw e-liquid bottles?

You can dispose of empty e-liquid bottles with household plastic waste (selective sorting). Do not throw your empty bottles in the unsorted garbage. 

» Why does the resistance of my electronic cigarette deteriorate more or less quickly depending on the e-liquids?

The “sweet” aromas tend to deteriorate the resistances more quickly. This is the case for some gourmet e-liquids whose aroma concentration is generally a little higher than classic or menthol e-liquids. Indeed, e-liquids rich in flavours are only partially vaporized when they are heated and this can form an accumulation in the resistance. You may need to change your resistance more often when vaping certain e-liquids.