The choice of a clearomizer: the elements to take into account

If you don’t know what a clearomizer is, refer to our vape glossary. To summarize, a clearomizer includes a resistance, a tank, an airflow system and a drip tip. Each of these elements will vary according to the different clearomizers and will be important in the choice of your vape material.

Note, that the diameter of your clear is very important. If you have a box that has a tray that can accommodate a clearomizer with a maximum diameter of 22 mm and you buy one that is 24 mm, it will get stuck! If you vape a lot, opt for a clearomizer that has a large tank to avoid having to fill it too often.

If you want to vape CBD e-liquid or you are a former heavy smoker who needs nicotine salt e-liquid, be sure to get clear with resistances over one ohm. Do you want to get into DIY and make your montages? Buy a rebuildable atomizer to make your coils!

Which clearomizer to choose according to your vaping profile?

The different types of clearomizers depend on the inhalation:

Indirect inhaling (MTL) clearomizer: tight draw and flavours

Focus on flavours! An MTL clearomiser offers an inhalation similar to that of a cigarette, which means that one inhales once so that the vapour passes into the mouth, then a second time to direct the vapour into the lungs. This type of inhalation appeals to novice vapers who are not confused when quitting smoking. With this type of clearomiser for electronic cigarettes, the draw is tight and the value of the resistance is high, which allows you to vape e-liquid with nicotine salts. It usually has a narrow drip tip to have a tight draw.

Direct Inhalation (DL) Clearomiser: maximum vapour

Prefer an airy draw with a slew of vapour clouds? A direct inhalation clearomiser is made for you! This type of clear allows you to directly inhale the vapour from the mouth to the lungs and is used with sub-ohm resistors (less than one ohm) and High VG e-liquid. Rather intended for experienced vapers, this type of clearomizer is to be chosen if you have a powerful box. It is often accompanied by an 810 drip tip, which is wide to suck in as much air as possible. Note, that there are more and more pod-type electronic cigarettes that offer sub-ohm vaping.

Versatile clearomizer: switch from MTL to DL

A versatile clearomiser offers the possibility of choosing between the two types of inhalation depending on the resistance installed and the airflow setting. This allows you to test different sensations!