How to choose the e-juice that will suit you?

E-liquid for electronic cigarettes can be of several kinds and types. Firstly, you can consider your favorite flavor. Tastes can wary:

– fruit flavors (apple, peach, grape, etc.)
– tobacco flavors (Marlboro, Parliament, cigar, etc.)
– tonic (mint, chocolate, coffee, brandy, red bull, etc)

You need to choose a flavor that is suitable for smoking. Some smokers can’t tolerate fruit flavors, but some really want to give up of the tobacco smell. Many people, when switching to electronic cigarette, initially looking for tobacco flavors that would be as close as possible with their favorite tobacco cigarettes. On the moral plane this can work, but not for all. Often, those who refuse from tobacco cigarettes, refuse from tobacco flavors too. They have a right, because the scientists have proved that most often, we are accustomed to tobacco only psychologically, it is not so important to use e-juice with tobacco flavor as it seems at the first glance.

How to choose E-liquid with nicotine which will suits you ? The juice liquid for smoking is divided as usual cigarettes to light, super light, strong, medium, according to the content of nicotine. Also e-liquids for electronic cigarettes are divided in super light, light, medium, strong, from 0mg/nicotine, 6 ml, 12 ml, to 18 ml/nicotine. If you have been smoking “strong” cigarettes a pack per day, then of course you need to start with the 18 ml nicotine in e liquid. Gradually you will be able to reduce the nicotine content, approximately in two months you will be able to jump to 12mg nicotine. It’s quite a comfortable level at which you can stay for another couple of months. Of course 6mg nicotine content is the most comfortable level.

If you have recently started to smoke and want to jump directly on electronic cigarettes, you can take 6mg. And gradually you will be able to move on smoking without nicotine and enjoy a healthy smoking. The matter of choice and a matter of taste is up to you.