For some time now, you have seen this product appear everywhere: the Booster. What is the nicotine booster or e-liquid booster? The definition of the nicotine booster or shot is a 10ml bottle that contains a base with variable PG/VG levels and nicotine up to 20mg/ml. 

It should be known that, since the appearance of the TPD, laws narrowing the vape have been able to see the light of day. Including the one prohibiting nicotine e-liquids or nicotine bases of more than 10ml. It increases the ecological impact by multiplying the small plastic bottles and obliges vapers to handle high levels of nicotine, but it is TPD.

Ironically, the entire TPD argument is focused on protecting the consumer from nicotine manipulation. Fortunately, and despite TPD, recent research highlights the parallel with Popeye’s spinach: liquid nicotine, with an appropriate nicotine dosage, is not dangerous in a vape. 

I still advise you to use gloves during your manipulations. Indeed, nicotine in e-cigarettes is not dangerous for health, it is simply addictive. However, it is irritating in case of contact with the eyes and skin. If you want to know all about the dangerousness of nicotine, I explain everything to you!

Many questions come up and I will answer them: how to add nicotine to an e-liquid? What is the right e-liquid/nicotine mix? How many nicotine boosters for a 50, 100 or 200ml e-liquid? Or what is the right dosage of nicotine for a vape e-liquid? 

What is a nicotine booster?

The E-liquid booster or nicotine booster is a 10 ml bottle (it is the law) generally with a maximum and legal dosage of liquid nicotine. That is 20mg/ml.

Its nicotine base can be of different PG/VG levels and can be neutral or flavoured. The purpose of an E-liquid booster for vaping is to add nicotine in a large format e-liquid without nicotine (0MG) to bypass the TPD. There are also nicotine salt boosters.

How to use a nicotine booster and what dosage?

Imagine, you have just purchased 50 ml of the delicious e-juice, but this one is in 00 mg/ml. It’s good, but not enough for you and above all, it does not correspond to your need for nicotine withdrawal. And as it is over-dosed in aroma, and the unicorn containing it has a capacity of 60 ml, you have the possibility of adding a booster. You will then obtain 3 mg/ml. Shake well and it’s ready! If you are not very good with your hands and you wonder how to open a taste of this, a bottle of booster, aroma, do not worry, openers for a bottle of booster and e liquids exist and will make your job easier!

The majority of large format e-liquids contain 50ml of liquid, so how many boosters for 6mg? 3mg? 


  • How many boosters to obtain 3 or 6 mg of nicotine for a 50ml bottle:


0mg/ml Add 10 ml of neutral base
3mg/ml Add 1 booster of 10 ml in 20 mg/ml
6mg/ml Add 2 boosters of 10 ml in 20 mg/ml


  • How many nicotine boosters to obtain a mixture of 3 or 6 mg of nicotine for a 100ml e-cigarette e-liquid?
Nicotine free Add 20ml of neutral base in 0mg/ml
110ml in 1.8mg/ml Add 1 booster of 10ml in 20mg/ml nicotine
120ml in 3.3mg/ml Add 2 boosters of 10ml in 20mg/ml nicotine
130ml in 4.6mg/ml Add 3 boosters of 10ml in 20mg/ml nicotine


 How many e-cigarette boosters in a 200ml bottle of e-liquid to obtain a nicotine level of 3 or 6 mg? 

240ml in 3mg/ml Add 4 boosters of 10ml in 20mg/ml nicotine
6mg rate Unless you have a very large bottle, we advise you to transfer 50ml of your e-liquid and add 2 nicotine boosters to obtain a rate of 6mg/ml.

These tables easily replace a booster calculator for your vapour e-liquid. A small tip that is important, take advantage of the addition of a nicotine booster for e-cigarettes to slightly modify the rate of PG/VG of your e-liquid. If, on the contrary, your clearomiser is only compatible with e-liquid in 50/50, take nicotine boosters in 50/50!

In conclusion, it is a very good alternative to PDT. The announcement of nicotine liquids not to exceed 10 ml had frightened many vapers and the appearance of boosters foreshadowed many difficulties: dosages, scientific calculations and many adventures. Fortunately, vaping professionals have thought of clever ways to circumvent this 10ml limitation for nicotine e-liquid. Now that you know everything, you can make your vape mix easily with the nicotine level that suits you!