The condition for the acquisition of HeatSticks through the online store is to take some actions:

product selection, putting it to cart;

placing an order;

receiving an order acceptance message;

payment and receipt of goods in accordance with the agreed procedure.

The entire range of HeatSticks offered for sale is presented in the online store.

The online store contains complete, reliable and accessible information characterizing the offered HeatSticks, namely, information about: the name of the goods; brand name and country of manufacture; designation of standards, mandatory requirements to which the goods must comply; basic consumer properties, quality and safety of goods; terms and conditions of effective and safe use of the goods; price, procedure and terms of payment for the goods; warranty period, if it is set for a specific type of product; the service life or expiration date, if they are set for a particular type of product; confirmation of compliance of the goods with the established requirements, as well as other information.

Selection and ordering of HeatSticks.

The buyers are given the opportunity to independently familiarize themselves with the goods displayed in the online store, accompanied by information about them, select and purchase the necessary goods with delivery to the place indicated by them.

Looking through the assortment of the store, you can create your shopping cart by pressing the key “Buy”. You can always look at the goods selected by you in the cart and the total cost of the order as well as change the contents of your cart.

After you have selected everything you need, you can proceed to checkout. To do this, fill out a special form.

We ensure that you receive a product that matches the one selected in the online store, and information about which corresponds to that provided to the buyer when reviewing the goods on the website, as well as information communicated to him when transferring the goods (in the technical passport for the goods, the rules for its use, on the label or label attached to the product, on the product itself or its packaging, or in other ways provided for certain types of goods).