The IQOS Heatsticks cigarettes are widely available in the tobacco markets, but some people do not differentiate between IQOS Heatsticks cigarettes and Vape products. To buy IQOS, you need to know a lot about it before you place an order. If you buy IQOS Heatsticks cigarettes in online stores, this saying is all the more important as you only see the product when you receive the order. If you occasionally order steam liquids while you were originally interested in IQOS, it is difficult to replace the order items.

So you need to know all about the product to place an order and buy IQOS Heatsticks cigarettes.

IQOS HeatSticks is a fairly new product that tries to modify the usual cigarettes. They are also called HeatSticks or short Heets. These are mechanical sticks containing some tobacco that is heated to vaporize the tobacco material. A user inhales the tobacco smoke instead of smoke.

The IQOS Heatsticks cigarettes are the product of Phillip Morris, the maker of world-famous tobacco brands such as Marlboro, Parliament, etc. Nowadays, users can buy IQOS HeatSticks with the same tobacco flavor as the cigarette brands mentioned above. So, if you want to be decent in a high-tech age, you’re sure to buy IQOS HeatSticks to get that perspective. Smart IQOS HeatSticks look a lot cooler than regular cigarettes. If we look at it with an evaporating IQOS stick, the first thought will be that it’s really cool. Everyone wants to be a cool person, right? You just have to make a little effort to be cool. You have to buy the IQOS HeatSticks. In order to buy them cheaply, you only have to order them in our online shop. Here you will find cool IQOS HeatSticks and their cool prices!

Where can you use IQOS Heatsticks cigarettes?

You can safely use IQOS in the car or at home, because the emitted tobacco vapor does not leave an unpleasant smell or coating on curtains, walls and other interior items. Despite the fact that the use of IQOS has practically no effect on indoor air quality and often even goes unnoticed, it is still worth using the device in those places where it is officially authorized. On the official website of IQOS there is a map with a list of IQOS-friendly institutions.