POD cigarettes are a type of electronic cigarette recognized as being the most compact and easy to use, ideal for learning to vape. A fashion phenomenon, they have become essential products, practical for beginners and the manufacturers are not mistaken in multiplying the models.

An e-cigarette POD, what is it exactly? A pod is an ultra-compact e-cigarette. Its main characteristic, beyond its size, is simple: a cartridge, adapted to the battery, replaces the clearomizer and its now traditional 510 screw connection.

How an e-cigarette pod works

The pod cartridge

As we told you in the introduction, a pod is equipped with what is called a “cartridge”. This is proprietary, which means that each pod model has a specific cartridge. The cartridge acts as a clearomizer (reservoir). Today, some pods are equipped with a 510 connection, however, allowing you to also screw in a standard clearomizer.

The pod cartridges work in the same way as a clearomiser, that is to say, that you will have to insert your ready-to-use coil and pour your e-liquid into it.

A cartridge capacity that rivals classic clearomizers 

Their capacity varies according to the models, ranging from 2 mL to more than 5 mL of e-liquid for example. The cartridges generally have a proprietary drip tip directly moulded on them, however, some models such as the Kroma-Z pod from Innokin allow you to change the drip tip at your convenience with a standard attachment.


The pod battery

An electronic cigarette in pod format can be powered in two ways depending on the model:

  • Built-in battery: autonomy ranging from 350 mAh to 3000 mAh. Recharging via a micro-USB / USB-C port present on the pod.
  • Interchangeable batteries (mod-pod): some pods accept 1 or even 2 batteries, the size of the latter varies according to the pod model. Most removable battery pods accept 18650 batteries. Recharging using a dedicated battery charger (preferred to increase the life of your batteries) or via the USB port. We approach more of an electronic mod, we then speak of mod-pod. 

The operation of a pod battery is perfectly similar to that of an electronic mod. These batteries compete in ingenuity to offer you intelligent modes, which vary according to the manufacturers.

Also consult our complete guide on electronic mods or our guide to choosing your electronic cigarette battery, to familiarize yourself with this type of material.


The main families of pods:

  • Pods with a pre-filled, sealed cartridge (the entire pod is disposable once emptied)
  • Pods with sealed resistance and refillable cartridge (disposable after several fillings of the cartridge, depending on the use made of the material and the life of the resistance)
  • Pods with a replaceable resistance cartridge (the cartridge is kept like a clearomizer, only the resistance must be changed regularly to preserve your vaping comfort)

The benefits of pods

  • A compact format, easy to carry and ergonomic!
  • Change cartridge easily and quickly, convenient to taste other e-liquids!
  • Optimal restitution of flavours thanks to the resistances proposed by the manufacturers.
  • Intuitive and intelligent modes specific to each pod model ( automatic recognition of the value of the resistance, automatic suction, refresh etc.) the modes are listed on the product sheet of the pods.
  • A wide choice to find the pod that suits you best (batteries, integrated battery, RBA mode to indulge in rebuildable, DTL or MTL printing, etc.).
  • Some models are equipped with a powerful automatic draft. No need to press a Fire button to vape, just inhale, mouth resting on the drip-tip and the magic happens.

For who are the pods needed?

E-cigarette pods are ideal for beginner vapers… But not only. Manufacturers are full of great ideas to make their products adaptable. Today, an experienced vaper will largely find his happiness among the large family of pods.

A complementary e-cigarette for regular vapers 

These compact formats will allow you to take your electronic cigarette with you everywhere. It is a very practical size of equipment to go on vacation, on hikes or to have in your pocket or purse! With a lower power than electronic mods (even if things are changing quickly), pods are perfect for finding a very fast grip. Note that some models offer a vape power of 80W or even 177W for the Voopoo Drag Max pod.

Fans of the tight draw or aerial draw will be just as won over by what the pods offer and their diversity.

The summary on e-cigarettes pods 

The pods have evolved a lot since their appearance. Initially, these models of ultra-compact electronic cigarettes were equipped with a cartridge prefilled with e-liquid and above all disposable, with an indirect draw (MTL) and a fairly short lifespan.

These first products than allowed the development of pods, but they quickly disappeared from our shelves (products not very durable, not very autonomous, and not very practical daily for our customers).

Today, pods clearly compete with conventional e-cigarette kits (mod/box + clearomiser/atomiser). Pod e-cigarettes evolve and adapt to the way you vape (direct or indirect draw, use of a proprietary tank, a standard clearomizer and even rebuildable atomizers).

The power is now there with some models that can allow you to vape at more than 80W and some pods even work with two rechargeable batteries (we are talking about mod-pod then).

With the evolution and innovation that accompanies the pod’s advances every day, the pods are more and more efficient and versatile, enough to have nice surprises in the months or years to come on this type of product.