E-liquids BeverageE-liquid brands are characterized by a variety of tastes:Cereals. E-liquid flavors of cereals are generally the basis for adding other flavors. There are obtained complex combinations of flavors, which include not only cereals, but also pastries, sweet fruits (the most common is banana), and dairy products (cream or milk component). Even 2-3 years ago, cheap premium vape juice from the category “Breakfast” was limited to pancakes and waffles (sometimes with the addition of maple syrup and butter), as well as cinnamon rolls. However, in recent years imitations of children’s breakfast cereals have been in unprecedented demand, one can say that this is already a separate niche in the market of premium e-juice sale.

Floral flavors also occupy a special place. Floral flavors are very different from edible flavors and often do not suit the beginners. However, quality flavors using natural e-liquid ingredients can be pleasant and subtle.

Alcoholic flavors. They most often imitate the flavors of alcoholic E-liquids Beverage: rum, whiskey, brandy, etc. Vape juice brands list of drinks with a fruit component is also popular, for example, smoothies with mango or lychee. The variety of choice is sometimes amazing. Typically, alcoholic flavors are used as part of a complex mixture; they are able to add spicy notes, even in banal combinations.

Food. Liquids of wholesale e-juice flavors, which, at first glance, are difficult to imagine being attractive for inhalation: bacon, seafood, cheeseburgers, pizza, etc. are relatively new in the range. And, although, many vapers thumb their nose from such an originality, unusual smells do not disappear anywhere and sometimes find their connoisseurs.

Alternative approach: Without flavors. Safety of flavors for inhalation still raises questions, and an increasing number of vapers are shielded from the problem by using odorless liquids. In their composition there is only vegetable glycerin, and also in some cases – e-liquid nicotine. Evaporation, glycerin becomes slightly sweet, so it is pleasant to inhale it. We do not specifically use the word “tasty”, because no additives are used in this case. However, this way of vaping has the right to exist: simply, easily and cheaply.