E-liquid Cuba LibreThe liquid for e-cigarettes is the main component that generates vapor when using a cigarette. It is in a cartridge or a special container and is kept in the container by special impregnation. Liquids for e-cigarettes are divided into vape juice brands without nicotine and vape juice flavors with nicotine.

The composition of the liquid of any e-cigarette includes e-liquid ingredients:
Propylene glycol

The composition is indicated for nicotine-containing liquids. If liquid is without e-liquid nicotine, then the second and third are relevant for it.

There is added medical purified nicotine into e-cigarettes, only because it is the need of a smoking person. Harm caused by nicotine on the state of health depends on the method of its reception and the composition of the accompanying components. By the type of saturation, an e-cigarette is not more dangerous than a patch, which helps to quit smoking or special chewing gum. Moreover, a smoker who replaced these cigarettes with premium fruit juice brands should gradually reduce the content of nicotine and eventually switch to non-nicotine filters.

Glycerin is a known substance that nobody has ever called harmful and detrimental to the human body. It has a very wide field of application. In addition to the global application of this component in food products (coffee, tea, chocolate, drinks, bread, etc.), it is also used for medical purposes (antiseptic, treatment of skin diseases, coughing). In short, glycerin is a substance that you face every day, eat it, drink it, and apply it on skin and so on!

In the human body this substance is converted to lactic acid, which is absolutely not a hazardous substance for health. It is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics (cream, etc.), food (for example bread). Propylene glycol is approved for use in all countries of the world.

E-liquid Cuba Libre