What has not been talked about is the unfolding of this affair, not delving into what happened at all.

The investigation of the American FDA and the same local health authorities have attributed these deaths to the use of liquids containing extracts of THC mixed with oil of vitamin E acetate.

According to experts, it is dangerous if inhaled because it would line the lung walls preventing them from functioning normally and causing respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and chest pain.

It should be noted that the European rules are much more stringent than the American ones regarding the production, use and marketing of electronic cigarettes and refill liquids, with stricter limits on the concentration of nicotine and checks on the production methods.

Therefore, it can be safely excluded that a consumer of liquids regularly produced and placed on the Italian market is at risk of contracting a disease linked to the use of electronic cigarettes.

This suggests how destructive ” bad information ” is and the right that a consumer should have to be able to consult and get the information correctly about a system that, in line with the studies carried out, could save many lives and avoid diseases which, in most of the cases, they are incapacitating if not fatal.

The electronic cigarette is not a risk-free system but, if you are unable to quit traditional “blondes” independently, it is the system that is currently less harmful and more effective, reducing the damage by 95% according to thousands of studies.

Smoking is responsible for 90% of lung neoplasms, as well as 30% of other forms of cancer, in the face of these data it is legitimate to ask how harm reduction is not evaluated as a way to go by our health authorities.