Joint purchase is the principle of organizing a purchase and an informal system of local consumer relations in a specific city or region. When making a joint purchase to buy cheap IQOS heets, several persons purchase goods directly from the supplier or manufacturer at wholesale prices. Such a purchase is often made by the organizer through an online store or online auction.

The intermediary between the supplier and buyers becomes the procurement organizer.

The organizer is engaged in:

· selection of assortment of cheap IQOS heets;

· sourcing suppliers;

· collecting orders;

· collection of payment from participants in the purchase (buyers);

· receipt of goods;

· transferring it to customers.


A distinctive feature of this form of consumer cooperation is the completely open and limited percentage that the organizer receives – unlike any form of trade. Depending on the type of purchase, the payment can occur either at the organizer’s own funds or at the expense of participants. Participants in the purchase pay the cost of the goods, organizational fees and delivery costs of the order.

Joint purchases are made through the Internet on thematic forums (the earliest form), specialized sites, or through social networks (the last two forms are accompanied by the possibility of receiving personalized notifications about the status of the order).

The stages of a joint purchase from the point of view of the buyer:

The organizer opens the purchase of cheap IQOS heets, indicates the conditions for participation in the purchase and the price list. Initially, the cheap IQOS heets were selected by the procurement participant directly from the website of the supplier company or from the catalog created by the organizer. Now in most cities, there are special platforms. Due to the purchase of a consignment of goods, the prices offered by the supplier may be lower than the retail prices for the same goods in the store.

When collecting orders for an amount that is sufficient to buy cheap IQOS heets from a wholesale supplier, the organizer announces a Stop Purchase. The organizer sends a general order to the supplier to coordinate the availability of goods in the warehouse and waits for an invoice for payment of confirmed goods.

Before the announcement of the stop of purchases, participants can change or delete their orders; after the stop, refusals are not accepted.