Charlie’s Club Review

On the other hand, the Charlie’s Club Platinum e-cigarette subscription amounts to an accessible cost per refill cartridge, which is less than many companies charge. Unless you’re eager to buy in the gross, most e-cigarette companies charge more per refill cartridge when you buy them in packs of five.


Keeping that in mind, the price for a Charlie’s Club membership is actually quite reasonable as long as you get the largest package. While many smokers could have used better e-cigarettes and tried better tasting e-liquids, they can anyway definitely see Charlie’s Club attractive to some inexperienced e-smokers because the price is good.

Not only is the price per refill cartridge lower than what many vendors charge, but e-cigarette batteries tend to receive a lot of abuse and few last longer than a few months. Each time you ask for a new battery, you’re saving a significant sum. And it is a benefit as another company would charge more for a replacement.

So if you opt for a convenient monthly cartridge delivery, low price per refill cartridge, easy cancellation, no commitment, and batteries and chargers guaranteed to function while the membership remains active, you are at the right place and at the right time!