Hi dear vapors. In the last e-liquid reviews, we discussed the top vape flavors of Scrimshaw Vapors with you.

In the previous articles, we talked about the common features of these e-liquid flavors.

The guys from that company market their Buy Vape Products Online under e-liquid brands named after the creations of the old Greek mythology.

This is a nice market approach, isn’t it? And it will awake your interest to the mythology and mythical creations if you have never had these names before.

But why are their e-liquids so interesting and unique? Let us understand it together.


The composition, which is based on the aromas of juicy ripe strawberries and cream. We actually talk about the premium fruit juice brands. These are the best e-juice brands for the vapers who like fruit notes.

Have you ever considered the distinction between usual cigarettes and e-juices? In e-cigarettes, you rather inhale the aromas of fruit, flowers, and berries. A contradiction to the tobacco.


In this case, you can enjoy a unique mixture, in which only exotic-fruit notes will be felt. This composition should remind us a tropical cocktail. Those who like cheap premium vape juice will surely be able to estimate these unique tastes. This is a gift for the vapers who search for the best e-liquid flavor concentrate. And for those who want to find vape juice flavors without nicotine.

The matter is, as we have already clarified the consumption of fruit aromas instead of the ordinary tobacco.

Do you get the idea?