Most vapers, whether novice or confirmed, have questioned themselves about their consumption. If we can be tempted to draw a parallel between the quantity of e-liquid consumed and our old smoking habits, the approach is only slightly relevant. Indeed, vaping is not smoking. Not only are the rhythm and duration of the puffs different from the vape, but the nicotine is not assimilated in the same way by the body. It is therefore impossible to make a precise comparison, even if obviously the more you smoke the more you will tend to vape.


It is difficult to determine exactly how much a vaper needs daily. It will depend on the type of e-liquid he uses and how he vapes. However, some health professionals such as the tobacco specialist Jacques le Houezec for example, agree that reasonable consumption of e-liquid would be between 3 and 5 ml per day. So if you exceed 140 ml per month, it is probably that your equipment and/or your e-liquid do not correspond to you.


  • Too low a nicotine level

If you find that you are vaping too much, you must ask yourself if the nicotine level of your e-liquid is sufficient. Indeed, if a classic cigarette contains, in theory, between 11 and 12 mg of nicotine, in fact, according to INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) the smoker controls his nicotine mix (level of nicotine in the blood) by drawing more or less strongly and more or less quickly on his cigarette. He knows how to extract the nicotine level he needs himself, which is not the case with vaping. Propylene glycol conveys nicotine less well than tobacco tar. With the vape, you should not hesitate to choose, from the start, a relatively high nicotine level (18 mg for example).

  • An unsuitable level of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG/VG)

Many vapers are attracted by the volume of vapour that an electronic cigarette can produce. This volume depends on the material used, but also on the vegetable glycerin level of your e-liquid. The higher the ratio, the thicker and denser the vapour will be, but the less you will feel the “hit” (slight burning sensation in the throat, similar to that obtained with a traditional cigarette). As for propylene glycol, the higher its concentration, the more the hit will be present and the more the vapour will be loaded with aromas. It is, therefore, necessary to favour an e-liquid with a medium or high rate of PG which will stick more to your old habits.

  • A material that offers a too airy draw.

The current trend is towards sub-ohm clearomizers. Using resistors whose value is below one ohm, these tanks allow you to obtain a generous and very voluminous vapour. If this type of material is suitable for experienced vapers or cloud chasers, it is not recommended for new vapers or former heavy smokers. Indeed, the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette also lies in its ability to reproduce the gestures and sensations of the old addiction. It is therefore necessary to opt for a material offering a tight draw, similar to that of a cigarette.


As you will have understood, if you find that you are vaping more than necessary, your e-liquid lacks nicotine and/or propylene glycol. The hardware can also be involved. Do not hesitate to raise your nicotine level as well as your PG level and choose an MTL-oriented atomizer.