Recently, I’ve introduced you to the Rhea X kit from the manufacturer Aspire. A powerful model designed for experienced vapers. Nowadays, it’s a completely different type of electronic cigarette that will be the subject of this blog, still signed Aspire and rather intended for beginner vapers!

As you understand, it’s a pod. The latter has taken, in a few years, a very important place in the world of electronic cigarettes. Known for their all-in-one format and ease of use, manufacturers are constantly designing new models. Aspire is no exception and one of their models particularly caught our attention is The Flexus Q pod!

This small pod with beautiful finishes has everything a big one has to offer!

The Flexus Q, a small, sober and efficient pod

Behind its compact side and its all-metal body giving it a sober and elegant look, the Flexus Q hides its game well, let’s discover that a little closer.

Its format offers an ideal grip, it is neither too big nor too small and its slightly rounded shape is very pleasant. The little extra of this model: a wide choice of colours to please the greatest number!

A 2 mL cartridge to equip the Flexus Q

The Flexus Q cartridge is housed directly on top of the pod. It holds thanks to two lugs located on each side of the cartridge, which ensures a very good hold, so there is no risk of seeing it in your handbag or your pocket your electronic cigarette separated into two pieces.

The beak shape of the mouthpiece is well thought out and pleasant when pulling. The transparency of the cartridge makes it easy to see the level of liquid remaining, ideal for not burning its resistance prematurely.

A simple and practical process to fill

The tab on the side of the cartridge will provide access to the fill hole. The latter is wide enough to fit the tip of the e-liquid bottles. We don’t always think about it, but it’s still more practical and above all, we don’t put it everywhere!

A word of advice to those who, like me, are sometimes a little rough around the edges, don’t pull too hard on the little tab, the silicone doesn’t like that too much. Joking aside, the cartridge is sold individually for a few euros, so even if this tab breaks, don’t panic!

The new AF Mesh Coil resistors by Aspire

The Flexus Q pod works with AF Mesh Coil resistors which are specially designed for the Flexus. And it is a great success! They allow an indirect or direct restrictive draw depending on the value of the resistance chosen (1 ohm or 0.6 ohms).

I tested this pod and these coils with some nice e-liquid. Honestly, Thanks in particular to the AF resistors, this pod offers a very good rendering of flavours and a good production of vapour. 

What if I tell you about the leaks?

You can say goodbye to them with the Flexus Q!

After two weeks of use and two weeks of complete rest with the cartridge filled with liquid, no leaks, nor any liquid rising. A good surprise for me and above all a very good point for this pod-signed Aspire.

An adjustable airflow, for a personalized draw!

The Flexus Q has adjustable airflow via a sliding button on the side of the pod. A feature that is rarely found on pods of this size, it is a real advantage for the Flexus, but especially for its owner, who thanks to this, can adjust the draw to his liking for a more or less tight rendering.

Rather classic or automatic draw?

If you were asked the following question, what would you answer? Are you more of a classic draw with the Fire button or an automatic draw by simple suction? No need to look for an answer to this question anymore, the Flexus Q pod allows you to do both.

It is not uncommon to see this system appear on new models of electronic cigarettes. Having tested several models offering automatic draw by suction, it is the Flexus Q pod that I prefer, and for good reason.

Suction triggered by the intensity of a classic cigarette puff

To trigger the vapour production, the suction must be of the same intensity as that used when taking a puff on a conventional cigarette! And I had never really found this feeling with an electronic cigarette. This is therefore a very good point for me and I am sure for many vapers.

Three clicks for power

The power is also adjustable, by making three quick presses of the button. There is no difference between the three powers offered, but combined with the automatic draw and the airflow adjustment, this pod offers its owner a nice personalization of the draw.

Quick charge in just 10 minutes!

I assure you, you are not dreaming. The battery of the Flexus Q pod does indeed recharge in 10 minutes! The lightning included in the name of the pod is also a nice nod to this fast charge.

The battery has an autonomy of 700 mAh, which is not very high, but it is more than enough for this small pod. Especially since the power it delivers does not consume much battery and the latter can be recharged very quickly via a USB-C cable and a 3A compatible power adapter. In addition, the LED present under the button of the pod indicates thanks to a colour code the remaining battery level, practical for anticipating these outings with the Flexus Q!

My review of the Aspire Flexus Q pod

Once again, I am not disappointed with what Aspire offers us. Indeed, thanks to the Flexus Q pod I have retrieved a taste for avoiding inhalation, which I was a little bit angry about. I particularly appreciate the automatic suction, the rendering of flavours, and especially the ultra-fast refill. What a joy not to have to wait hours for your electronic cigarette to be fully charged!

I can only recommend this material, both to someone completely new to vaping and to an experienced vaper.

Beautiful day and beautiful clouds to you!