About the ProVari+

When encountering this e-cigarette at this point, you might be asking yourself why anyone would pay a big sum for an e-cigarette kit that includes actually nothing but an e-cigarette, a few batteries, a charger and some cartomizers.

The answer is that the ProVari is an e-cigarette offered mainly to experienced e-smokers — people who already stick to a certain favorite e-liquid and know what attachments and accessories they prefer. These people like their e-cigarettes but wish that the experience could be a little more satisfying concerning throat hit and flavor.

The ProVari has an internal segment called a “boost circuit” that transforms the voltage received from the battery to a higher voltage that you select. The result is a more intensive e-smoking process; while a regular e-cigarette produces a little under 7 watts of total power, the ProVari produces 12 watts with a single-coil cartomizer or high-resistance atomizer and over 16 watts with a dual-coil cartomizer.

If you could imagine for a second what it would be like to use an e-cigarette that creates more than twice as much vapor as the one you’re using at the moment, that’s basically what using the ProVari is like. The ProVari will be absolutely different — and a bit more complicated than the e-cigarette you’re used to. It is a new way of e-smoking, a new method of it!