SMOK Novo 3 Pod Starter Kit is an air-activated e-cigarette device, with a two-millilitre refillable pod that holds e-juice. It is simple to operate and doesn’t require a setup. It is ideal for beginners, as it provides a powerful blast and excellent cloud production. To ensure smoother, more consistent vaping this kit can be utilized along with nicotine salts.

The cartridge has a translucent area that houses the coil. For leakproof operation, this cartridge comes with a top-of-the-line airflow system. The cartridge works with a regular E-juice. It also features an ingenious breathing light. An LED light of a small size is located on the front.

The mouthpiece is black and well-balanced and sports a Cobra-patterned design. It has a micro-USB port as well as chrome chassis. This device also has low voltage protection and protective short circuits. They also have a double-way U-shaped airflow channel for smooth and smooth vaping.

It is possible to fill the pods with the recharge port that is on the side. The battery has a small LED light, which comes on during charging. Once the battery has been fully charged, the LED lights will shut off. After the device is completely charged, its colour will turn red. The pods should be left in the device for approximately 10 minutes before use.

The SMOK Novo 3 Starter Kit is an ideal kit for those who are just beginning. The kit includes a mouthpiece and an internal battery that has approximately 800mAh. The battery will last for up to an hour, without having to recharge. It comes with an eight-second cut-off time, low-voltage protection as well as short-circuit protection. For a smoother experience, it’s compatible with both nic salt E-liquids.

It is the SMOK Novo Pod Starter Kit is a compact, stylish, air-activated pod device designed for newbies as it delivers powerful hits and huge cloud production. It’s ideal for inhaling directly from the lung and mouth-to-lung intakes. It recharges and has a variety of pod-refillable options. It can be used with 50/50 E-liquid.

The SMOK Novo is a sleek appearance and comes with a range of security options to ensure it lasts. It is easy to use and comes with a range of alternatives for refilling the pod. It produces between 10 and 16W. Additionally, it is a lightweight pod device and is made available in six sophisticated pearlescent shades.

It is the Smok Novo Pod vape is recommended to use nicotine salts to create a smoother vape at high nicotine levels. It creates a decent amount of clouds and offers decent flavour. It comes with a bigger capacity battery with 450mAh capacity and can be carried around. The device is user-friendly and provides a satisfying chew. To those looking to stop smoking, this kit is ideal.

You can buy online SMOK Novo Pod Starter Kit IML White Cobra which is up to 25W, a brand-innovative product from the SMOK range of pod devices. OLED displays provide a visual illustration of the power settings as well as various other information. This device is also equipped with the ability to protect against low voltage and draws-activated firing. This kit is compatible with mesh pods 0.8ohm as well as having a higher capacity for juice.

Choosing the right e-cigarette is often the first step to ensuring that you never touch traditional cigarettes again, the risks and damage to your health and that of those around you. But how to choose the right one if it’s the first time you’ve entered the world of vaping? Although it may seem trivial, this choice is fundamental: guaranteeing a satisfactory experience implies as a direct consequence the possibility of no longer feeling the need to take tobacco, but without going through the dreaded withdrawal. So how to choose the right electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories?

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Switching to the electronic cigarette to replace the traditional cigarette is not a trivial choice. This is often the result of awareness, a failed attempt to quit smoking or the simple wish to reduce the risks associated with tobacco (reminder: tobacco is responsible for the death of more than 73,000 people each year in France). To succeed in this smoking cessation process, the notion of pleasure is important, even essential. And nicotine has an essential role, just as much as the flavours available on the e-liquid market. 

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Some will tell you that filing an electronic cigarette is an art. We don’t think you have to be an artist, but rather that you have to follow a few basic rules and everyone can do it, very simply. As in any field, the use of a new product requires taking certain precautions.

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The electronic cigarette, also called vaper, is an alternative to the classic cigarette for adult smokers.

The electronic cigarette works thanks to an electronic device and e-liquid containing, or not, nicotine. Vaping, therefore, does not include any combustion of tobacco, which makes it potentially less dangerous for health compared to traditional cigarettes. However, electronic cigarettes are not without risk, they may contain nicotine, an addictive product that can be dangerous to health. They should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by people with heart conditions, high blood pressure and diabetes.

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Electronic cigarettes are always designed in the same way with a battery to supply the device with electrical energy, a mouthpiece for vaping and finally a tank that can accommodate the e-liquid which will turn into vapour.

Through this article, e-liquids for pre-filled electronic cigarettes will be discussed, detailing their specificities and their different nicotine dosages.

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Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the world of vaping, it is important to always choose your equipment carefully, according to your desires but above all according to your needs. To each vaper corresponds types of materials that help him to better appreciate the vape. The transition to the e-cigarette is often associated with the desire to quit smoking, the user needs to find the right equipment.

A little focus on the profiles of vapers and the ideal associated equipment!

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You have just acquired an electronic cigarette, or you have been using one for some time and you notice a few drops of liquid escaping from the device… Your e-cigarette is leaking. E-liquid leaks are one of the small hazards of vaping, which is why the kitchen towel is the vaper’s best friend! 

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Most vapers, whether novice or confirmed, have questioned themselves about their consumption. If we can be tempted to draw a parallel between the quantity of e-liquid consumed and our old smoking habits, the approach is only slightly relevant. Indeed, vaping is not smoking. Not only are the rhythm and duration of the puffs different from the vape, but the nicotine is not assimilated in the same way by the body. It is therefore impossible to make a precise comparison, even if obviously the more you smoke the more you will tend to vape.

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In the world of chronic cigarettes, two schools compete with kits with integrated batteries and mods with batteries!

Practical and easily rechargeable via a USB port, the integrated batteries are popular with a crowd of vapers who want to avoid accumulators. On the other hand, some fans of electronic cigarettes swear by the batteries whether they are in the 18350, 18650, 20700 or 21700 formats. The batteries require some precautions, but they have the advantage of being able to be inverted to vape without discontinuing. An important point, when a battery is at the end of its life it is possible to replace it … which is not possible with an integrated battery!

A key element of our electronic cigarettes, the battery requires recharging correctly to maintain its autonomy and limit any risk.

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